Can beef consommé be substituted for beef broth? Know the differences

Learning to cook is a never-ending course. And you can easily be perplexed by some different names for kinds of the same type of recipe, just like beef broth and beef consommé. You get easily puzzled by these two foods. But they are different from each other. On the one hand, beef broth is a clear stock made from beef bones and meat. On the other hand, beef consommé is a clarified dish of broth. Beef broth is a cooking ingredient; on the other hand, beef consumption is a dish. There are also some differences between them. Let’s discuss it further.

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What is Beef Broth?

Beef broth is essential for soup, stock, or many flavorful recipes. The broth stimulates bone with meat alongside some vegetables, spices, etc. Most broths came from bone marrow or shank or the portion people don’t like to eat. It takes around 6-12 hours to collect every flavor in the water. You can also buy this in-store. But believe me, nothing compares to fresh and tasty food than a homemade beef broth. The broth is not only delicious but also complete with nutrition.

What is beef Consommé?

Beef consommé is famous as the king of beef broth. Because consommé is the clear and rich version of broth, it’s a vibrant and full flavor dish, and many countries use this as a starter of their food. You can say consommé is a rich, clear broth with a delicious taste in one dish. This meal is rich family food because others can’t afford that many ingredients. In winter dining, a hot, clear bowl of beef consommé is always wholesome. 

Beef Broth Vs. Beef Consommé: What are the Key Differences?

Different between Beef broth and Beef consommeDon’t get confused between broth and consommé; they look the same, but their taste is different. Its function in cooking is also other. Now take a look at some similarities and some dissimilarities:

  • Different Preparation Methods: The broth and consommé are different from each other. The main ingredient is beef bone with meat and water for beef broth. Usually, the portion people don’t like to eat is mainly made of broth. On the other hand, beef consommé is one kind of processed broth. It’s rich and tastier than beef broth because you need to add extra ingredients.
  • Ingredients: For beef broth, you need bone with meat, water, salt, vegetables, and vinegar or lemon juice. These are the main essential elements of broth, but you also add some spices like ginger or cloves or black paper to enhance the flavor. For beef consommé, at first, you need beef broth. After that, you need some ground beef, salt, some aromatic vegetables like onion, carrot, celery, etc., spices like black paper, bay leaves, thyme, and egg white.
  • Compare cooking time: Making beef broth is a much longer process than beef consommé. It would be best to simmer this for about 6-24 hours for a rich, flavorful broth. The taste depends on time. The longer you simmer the broth, the tastier it becomes. And at this time, you also need to skim the dirt and oil from the top. But for consommé, you need 2-3 hrs or the time to float the ground beef on the top of the broth.
  • The difference in flavor and consistency: Beef consommé flavor is thicker, more concentrated, and flavorsome than simple beef broth. That means broths are thinner and have a mild flavor, and that’s why they can easily be used in any soup.
  • Nutrition value: Beef consommé is more nutritious than beef broth. One cup or 16 tablespoons of broth contains 31 calories, 5 gm. protein, and 3 gm. fat. On the other hand, the same amount of consommé provides only 2gm fat, 50 calories, and 10 gm. protein. In addition, you also get some extra vitamins, sodium, potassium, etc., in both of them, and beef consommé is healthier than broth. But beef consommé is mainly famous for patients because it’s light but healthy and easy to digest. On the other hand, the broth contains high sodium. That’s why it’s not more beneficial for any high blood pressure patient.
  • Compare Taste: Beef broth taste is mild and versatile. Adding some aromatic vegetables like carrot, onion, ginger, etc., enhances the taste. But don’t try to put much effort into it. Otherwise, it overpowers their flavor, and you don’t find the beef flavor in it; on the other hand, consommés itself as a dish. The taste of this consommé is rich, powerful, and more concentrated beef flavor. There is also ground beef, which is more flavorful than broth.
  • Usage: Beef broth is the main structure of many soups, stews, and consommé itself. You can also use beef consommé in any soup or stew if you want. Please don’t use it in large quantities, it can overpower the beef flavor, and you have trouble getting the original taste of the soup.
  • Storing process: The storing process of broth and consommé is the same. If you want to preserve the store-bought one, you can keep it with its carton in the freezer. But if you make a bulk amount and store it in the freezer, you need an airtight container or zip lock bag. After pouring the broth or consommés, remove as much air as possible. After that, you can store it in the fridge for 3-4 days and if you want to preserve it for a long time, then put it in the freezer. And in the freezer, it can make it fresh for about 4-6 months. 
  • Budget Comparison: you can easily find canned broth and consommé in the store. But the beef broth is more expensive than broth because you need extra broth with different ingredients. But I always suggest you make broth at home. It is tasty and healthier than store-bought.

Final discussion

Beef broth and beef consommé both are the same kinds of dishes. One is mainly used as an ingredient of another meal, and one is a meal itself. Both have the same kind of nutritious value. You can also interchange this in your recipe. Always try to make fresh broth at your home because homemade is best for flavor, taste, and healthy. This broth and consommé can enhance the flavor of your soup, stew, or any gravy.


  • Beef broth or consommé, which one has a strong flavor?

Beef consommé contains beef broth and also ground beef. For this reason, it contains more beef flavor than both.

  • Which one is healthier, beef consommé or broth?

Beef consommé is healthier than broth because it is made with beef broth, ground beef, vegetables, spice, and egg white.

  • Can I cook beef consommé from a store-bought broth?

Yes. You can quickly cook beef consommé with store-bought broth.

Yes. If you love the strong flavor of beef in your recipe, you can easily switch broth with consommé. But if you don’t have any broth in your kitchen, you can use consommé but add extra water to thin the intense flavor.

  • Is beef broth suitable for the patient?

The beef broth has a light, mild flavor, is easy to do, and is very nutritious. But the sodium level of this is relatively high. So it’ll be great if you don’t give this to a high blood pressure patient.

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