How do I change Celsius to Fahrenheit on the NuWave BRIO 15.5?

The NuWave BRIO air fryer is a multi-functioned cooking device. For the various types of cooking, we have to adjust the temperature of the cooking at various levels. Many people are used to counting the temperature in Celsius, and many others are in Fahrenheit. There is an opportunity to change the temperature of the fryer from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

It is a common question for the user to know about the changing of the NuWave BRIO 15.5 air fryer temperature from celsius to Fahrenheit.

NuWave BRIO 15.5 Air Fryer- Change Temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit

  1. First, you have to switch on the air fryer. Then press and hold down the button for the warm function for 1 second to begin the independent warm function.
  2. Press the ‘Preheat’ button to set the time and temperature in an adjustable condition.
  3. However, if every function is working, then after switching on the fryer, you will notice the temperature is in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The numerical instruction will show it. Just click the button for ‘watts’, and with frequent clicks of this button, it will begin to change the temperature to 90°C, 150°C, and 180°C. Choose among it one and click the button of temp, change it to Fahrenheit. The numerical instruction will tell you that it is in Fahrenheit.
  4. After that, hold the temperature and program buttons for 1 second. Click the ‘turn off’ button on the fryer. When you turn on the button, then you will find Fahrenheit automatically.

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