What Does E1, E2, E3, and E7 Mean on a Power XL Air Fryer?

There are several problems with electronic devices. The users know how many issues they have to face. Electronic devices present some codes that refer to problems happening with the machine. However, if the user does not know the meaning of the code, he will not be able to solve the issue. In this article, we will discuss the E1, E2, E3, and E7 codes of the Power XL air fryer.

Short Meaning of error code

  • E1: Temperature sensor failure
  • E2: Short circuit
  • E3: Overheating
  • E7: Malfunctioning fan

The meaning of the error code E7

It is an error code of the Power XL air fryer that refers to the temperature issue of the Power XL air fryer. It means the top temperature sensor is open.

The temperature of an air fryer may be problematic for several reasons. When you get the notification of the E7 code, you have to check the system and fix it. Finally, remove the error code after controlling the temperature.

error code E7

How can I control the temperature of an air fryer?

To cook food, every oven, air fryer, and other cooking device uses a high enough temperature. Significantly, the temperature is very important for an air fryer because this device uses hot air to cook.

Unfortunately, the situation becomes complicated when the air fryer’s surface cannot generate a sufficient temperature. Moreover, excessive temperatures can also harm the device.

Now, we are providing some suitable solutions for recovering the air fryer’s heating capacity.

  • Solution: 01

If the temperature issue is caused by overheating, you can wait until it cools down. It is the easiest way to solve the problem. But this solution is appropriate in that situation when the problem is not extensive.

  • Solution: 02

If the problem is major, you have to repair the functional part of the heating instrument in the air fryer.

There is a similarity in the workings of an air fryer and a convection oven. There is a heating element inside the functional part of the air fryer. You have to disassemble the air fryer, take the heating element out, and repair it. If it is impossible to repair, you have to replace it with a new one.

What are the other codes for Power XL air fryers?

There are several trouble codes on the air fryers that indicate other issues with the air fryers. If your air fryer is from the Power XL brand, you can understand that there are the following issues:

E1 code

This code indicates an issue when the bottom temperature circuit of the air fryer is open. So, you must repair the circuit quickly; otherwise, the air fryer will fail to provide many services.Power XL air fryer E1 Code issue

Solution: If you want to solve the issue by yourself, you can check the connection between the two terminals and the circuit. If you find that the terminals are disconnected, you can connect them. However, if the code indicates a voltage shortage, you do not have to reconnect it; instead, you can take steps to increase the power of the electric service to the device.

E2 code

When you get the E2 trouble code on your Power XL air fryer, you can realize that it is an indication of the failure of the air fryer’s thermal sensor. However, the thermal sensor is always present in other home appliances. Hair dryers, rice cookers, food processors, etc., are examples.E2 trouble code on your Power XL air fryer

How to restore: Replacing the thermal sensor unit is the best solution. If you get the E2 code and notice that the thermal sensor’s fuse is unable to work, you have to replace the fuse quickly.

You do not have to go to a maker to change the fuse because it is an easy process. Just open the body of the air fryer, and the access inside the device will be open. Now, replace the fuse and close the body again. The price of a fuse is not very high, so you can purchase an extra fuse so that you can fix it without going to the market when you are in a hurry.

E3 code

This error code indicates that the food is cooking dry in an empty pot of the air fryer. So, the foods will not be properly cooked because they are not getting a sufficient amount of water and oil inside them.E3 trouble code

Solution: If you face this issue, you may be sure that you are placing more food inside the air fryer. But this amount is beyond the capacity of the device. So, you must decrease the amount of food in the air fryer.

Moreover, you have to follow the user manual to limit the amount of oil you use. If the amount of food is decreased, the amount of oil should also be decreased. Otherwise, the food cannot provide a perfect taste.

Are Power XL air fryers good?

Every electronic device may have some issues, and they can also be repaired. It does not mean that the device is not usable. Instead, you can use it for a long time if you follow the user manual properly.

When you want crispy foods, you can use a Power XL air fryer. Its hot air circulation inside the cooking surface will provide you with excellent taste and texture.

This part of the discussion will give you knowledge of several issues with an air fryer. You can be careful about the issues and take the essential steps to solve them.

  • Malfunction

There are several electric parts in an air fryer. If a specific part malfunctions, the entire system can stop working.

  • Problematic circuit

The electrical circuit connecting the power source and the air fryer machine may be damaged. Therefore, the air fryer can be inappropriate for cooking.

  • Damaged cord

If the connection cord of the air fryer is cut or detached, that may be the reason for stopping the air fryer. So, in this situation, the device will not start working, although the circuit and the functional parts of the air fryer remain in good condition.

Final thought

The air fryer problems mentioned in this article are very simple to fix at home. So, you can follow the user manual and some websites to solve any small problem with the device. But if the problem is serious and impossible to solve for you, call an expert or take your air fryer to the showroom.

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