What Is Potato Flour and How Do You Substitute It?

Potatoes are one of the most common foods in the world. Likewise,  if you want to thicken your soup, gravy, and other liquid food elements for baking the recipes, potato flour is the thickener for your use. It is essential to use in our daily necessary food items. Sometimes it might be your urgent need if the stock is just finished. If you want to make a perfect substitute for potato flour, you should consider that the replacement should have a significant similarity with the primary ingredients. If you can not get potato flour quickly, then you will be happy to know that you have many other options to choose from instead of potato flour. You have to remember that you can not replace potato flour with other items in its fragrance. But the substitutes can give you an excellent experience to utilize this, like potato flour.

What is Potato Flour, and How is it Made?

Potato flour is a typical food made from the entire potato, including the peel. We usually use potato flour in our cuisines, snacks, and other necessary food habits. For finding substitutes for potato flour, you have to learn about this item. It is a type of flour. At first, you cook the potatoes, then dry and grind them into a fine powder. The potato flour of some brands may have peeled, and some may not have peeled before drying. Potato flour contains 1% of protein and 5.9% of fiber. 

What is potato flour used for?

Potato flour has excellent efficiency in holding water. We use potato flour to thicken the food and prepare moist yeast bread. The most commercially well-known brands peel their potatoes that provide the most balanced texture and color of the flour. Do you know how the potato flour taste? It has been made from potatoes and bears a significant potato flavor. But, after cooking, drying, or processing into the flour, you will not get the full fragrance; instead, you get a little bit of change. The item brings a natural flavor and provides you with nice creamy-beige color in your recipes.

What Are The Best Potato Flour Substitutes to Use?

You can collect the potato flour from the supermarket or the local shops. As potato flour is necessary, you should find out quick alternatives if you don’t have it in your kitchen right now.

Corn Starch 

Corn Starch is a great source of carbohydrates expelled from the endosperm of corn. The powdery substance from cornstarch can be used both for household and industrial works. The powdery material is used for many cuisines. If you compare the potato flour and cornstarch, you will get a significant similarity between them. These are two alternatives to each other.

substitute cornstarch for flourThe Argo Corn Starch is one of the best substances for you. You can use it in your dishes for which potato flour is necessary. But, when you can not get this, the corn starch will help you to get the perfect taste. Cornstarch will be your partner in cuisine if you want a gluten-free diet. 

Substitute Potato Flakes for Flour

Potato flake is one kind of food item made with potatoes. If you want to find the potato flakes from genuine russet potatoes, you can buy the Bob’s Red Mill Potato Flakes. This product is an essential alternative to potato flour. It is healthy and hygienic food. If you can not find potato flour in your emergency, you can utilize the potato flakes. substitute for potato flour

Rice Flour 

If we mill the rice finely, the rice flour will come out. This is the actual process to make rice flour. It is delicate and so smooth to eat. So you can also use it as an easy substitute. Rice flour produces delicious and breezy baked foods. You can buy the Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Rice Flour instead of potato flour. The gluten-free feature provides you with healthy cuisine. It has a natural substitute and has become one of the great alternatives to potato flour.

Mashed Potatoes- Best Alternative

Mashed potatoes are rich sources of potassium. It is served with other dishes like meat and vegetables. Mashed potatoes are a common food element worldwide. Mashed Potatoes are also good alternatives to potato flour. These are so delicious and easy to put into your fantastic cooking items. Mashed Potatoes bring a beautiful potato flavor and nutrients to your dish. You can use Hungry Jack butter-mashed potatoes, which are made with 100% real Idaho potatoes. alternative to mashed potatoes

All-Purpose Flour

All-purpose flour is generally prepared from wheat flour. When hard red wheat is milled or blent, we get the all-purpose flour. The all-purpose flour is maximumly used globally. If you can not assure have potato flour, you can buy all-purpose flour as your necessity. Instead of potato flour, the all-purpose flour is your best initiative to start cooking. But, you should pour water here carefully because all-purpose flour does not have the absorption power of potato flour. 

Arrowroot Starch

Arrowroot powder is a kind of thickener for its usual use. If you want to have a diet and if you’re going to use an ingredient instead of potato flour, the arrowroot starch will help you. It is quite a simple food that does not hamper your diet. The arrowroot starch is massive plenty of staples to keep in your kitchen for using it every time. This item is odorless and tasteless. As a result, it does not add any extra flavor or horrible smell to your food.arrowroot as substitute

Quinoa Flour

Quinoa flour is gluten-free baking that is enriched in high protein. It does not include moisture like potato flour, but it can be used as All-purpose flour. The Naturevive Botanicals Organic Quinoa Flour is an ingredient you can use to replace potato flour. The flour is also gluten-free, high in necessary protein, and gives you an excellent baking experience. 

Coconut Flour

After grinding dried coconut meat, it becomes coconut flour. This is a kind of variation that is used as a substitute for potato flour. It is naturally high in fiber and low in sodium and fat; as a result, it does not hamper your health; instead, it is adequate food to increase your health. substitute for potato flour

Wheat Flour

Wheat flour is an ingredient vastly used in every kitchen. It is powder made, and it is used for our daily needs. The measurement of gluten in wheat flour is high. It makes your bread sticky and impressive to eat. Bob’s Red Mill and King Arthur wheat flour are the alternative ingredients for potato flour. You can get your necessary nutrition from this item. These are organic hard red wheat. 


  • Can I use potato flour every time?

As the potato flour is very sticky, we should not use this in every use because of its too much water-absorbing power. We can add this to our recipes when baking our bread and rolls. We can also utilize this in regular food like general flour to eat more gummy bread every day.

  • Do the alternatives act like potato flour?

The substitutes for the potato flour can similarly act. If you are not finding the potato flour, you can easily use the other ingredients mentioned in this article. It is easy to search for an alternative to the flour from the supermarket or super shop around you.

  • Is potato flour healthier than general flour?

Potato flour includes more food ingredients than general flour. It contains more calories and carbohydrates. When you are looking for some items in your food which can thicken your nutrients, these ingredients can enrich the value of any food.

  • Does flour increase the moisture of bread?

The flour has the characteristic to hold water and increase the most of the bread. So, if you want to moisturize your bread, you can add a tiny amount of flour to get the perfect shape as your necessity.


The alternatives can not be the same but act the same. They are not exchangeable. We need to use flour every day, especially wheat flour, potato flour, coconut flour, and all-purpose flour. No one is less valuable than others. Usually, potato flour is 83% of starch. So if you want to get this nutrient, you have to choose potato flour. We can use the substitutes and make substantial utilization of them. All the alternative products mentioned in this article will give you a surety of sound health. Last but not least, while buying the alternatives to potato flour, we should never compromise our health.

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