Reheating Fries In The Microwave- An Efficient Way to Get Crispy Fries

If you are a crazy fan of fast foods, you have surely tried one of the most popular and delicious items: the French fries. Fries are so popular that over a billion pounds of fries are consumed worldwide. On the contrary, the research found that one-third of the fast food wasted around the world is fried. Leftover fries are the most common scenario in our kitchen or in the refrigerator. If you do not know the right way to reheat your fries, then these might be destroyed and become soggy. If these become soggy and musty, the flavor and crispiness die away.

The best thing that can be done to reheat your fries is just putting them in the microwave, But not just putting the fries in the microwave will save those from being soggy; you must follow some certified rules that may reheat your fried without turning them into musty and soggy. This article will cover procedures for reheating fries in the microwave and other methods to retain their actual taste and flavor. 

Best Methods to Retain Crispy Fries

The simplest and the quickest method to reheat the fries is simply using a microwave. This is the most efficient and time-saving method of them all. But there is a little thing that using a microwave is sometimes a bad idea for reheating the fries because it turns the fries into a slushy and pappy state which destroys the real taste of the fries. But if you follow the proper instructions, this process is best suited to today’s busy modern life. Let us check some of the processes of reheating the fries in the microwave.  

How To Reheat Fries In The Microwave?

Using a microwave in reheating your leftover fries may help you save some precious time. There are tons of ways to use microwaves for reheating fries. Here I am describing some of the ideal methods.

Using the cooking oil or olive oil

Using the cooking oil for reheat friesThough this is not the best way to get them crispy and fresh fries, you can try this method. It is super easy and takes a few minutes to prepare your fries. The main concept is to shallow fry the fries in the oil so that the outer layer gets saturated with some oil, preventing the extra moisture from escaping away. This leaves the fries to be more crispy. But take a careful look into the microwave as there is a chance of burning away the fries. The ingredients that will be needed to successfully encounter this process are given below.

The Ingredients that you need,

  • Some tablespoon of cooking oil or vegetable oil
  • A microwave-safe dish 
  • A huge bowl and Salt according to taste 

The process of reheating the fries using the microwave and cooking oil has been described below.

The first and foremost thing is to put your fries off the fridge and settle down the fries for at least 15 minutes. The longer you put them at room temperature, the more the bacteria and germs might affect the fries. Then put some oil in the bowl and spread the fries in it. The microwave-safe dish may safeguard the fries from overburning. The next step is to put a well-ventilated splatter guard over the bowl. In case you do not have the splatter guard, then remain the fries uncovered. Then simply microwave the fries at medium heat for about five minutes. When they are shallowly fried, then stop the microwave. This will do the thing for you.

Using the Paper towel

The paper towel method is really useful to keep the crispness and the original taste of the fries. It prevents the fries from becoming soggy and musty. The paper towel traps all the moisture inside the fries. You can double the layer of the paper towel in order to get the maximum result. 

The ingredients that are needed are described below,

  • 1-2 Tablespoons of olive or vegetable oil
  •  A huge container or bowl that is microwave safe.
  •  A pinch of Salt 

The procedure is almost the same as the earlier method. Put your fries out of the fridge and give them a rest for about 20 minutes. Once they are rested, they are ready to go in the microwave. Then put the fries and oil together and gently toss them to mix with the oil. Then place the paper towel onto the dish, put the fries in it, and gently spread them so that the fries do not stick with each other. Place another layer of towel on top of the base and keep them In the microwave. Start the microwave and heat it on full power for at least five minutes. Bring them from the microwave and remove the saturated wrapper when the time is up. Put your fries in a dry and fresh dish. Add some salt, and it is now ready to serve.Reheating Fries In The Microwave review

Applying the crisping tray

This is the best method of the two, as here, your fries are being reheated in the heavy-duty grill bottom that allows the reheating evenly. A crisping tray turns your microwave into a grill with a heavy base inside the crisping pan attracts all the heat and disperses it to the food, and the steel lid traps it in, so the food is steadily cooked. This method is best for reheating the fries, but you can even make fresh fries using this method. The bottom of the grill gives your fries enough space to sweat without capturing that steam. Put your fries out of the fridge and give them a rest for about 20 minutes.

Once they are rested, they are ready to go in the microwave. Then brush oil evenly on the surface of the crisping tray. Then spread all fries evenly as every piece is attached to the layer. Microwave the whole tray on full power for about 10 minutes. Check the exterior of the fries to see if they are crisp enough. Then just gently sprinkle the Salt all over the fries and toss them so that all the pieces can get enough saltiness in them.  

How To Reheat Fries In The Oven?

Reheating the fries in the oven is one of the most convenient ways to reheat fries. First of all, preheat the oven to 450 F or 232 degrees Celsius. Place a baking sheet mostly inside with a foil attached, or you can use a flat baking sheet. Then Spread the Fries on a Baking Sheet evenly so that none of the pieces stick to each other. Now, place the fries on the baking sheet; for best results, make sure to avoid overlapping. This will not produce the desired results. Then the final stage is to Bake Them and remove them.


Place the baking items in the oven and bake the fries for about 3 to 5 minutes. Let the fries get crispy. Check if the thicker fries are reheated evenly, or else leave them in the oven for another minute or so. Now take out the baking tray from the oven, remove the fries from the spatula and carefully try one. Pour the fries on the serving plate. Put some salt and pepper for the required taste.

How to reheat fries in the Air Fryer?

If you do not have a microwave or Nuwave oven in your home, then how will you reheat the fries? Should you dump them in the bin? Or should you throw them away in the garbage truck? Relax, You have to do none of this. If you have an air fryer in your home, you can effortlessly reheat your fries. Let me describe to you all the process in a nutshell. The first work that you must do is to preheat the Air Fryer. You have to Turn on the air fryer a few minutes before putting the fries in it. This preheating is very beneficial as it produces the best results instead of turning the French fries soggy. How To reheat fries in the Air Fryer

Then place the appropriate amount of fries in the cooking basket. Make sure they do not overlap. You have to pour only that amount of fries which suits the pot. Overlapping will not make the fries crisp. Start the air fryer for 3 to 4 minutes. Shake and turn them upside down once they reach halfway. Finally, Spread the French fries on tissue paper so that the excess oil is soaked in them. Now you will get freshly reheated crispy French fries.

Final Overview

Baking in the oven or shallow frying is also the most dynamic way to reheat fries. The fries are well worth it in the baking oven and are crispy and crunchy while incredibly soft inside. Just with a little sprinkling of Salt, it is almost as good as the initial state. Shallow frying burnt the thinner ones and created another layer of grease, so avoid applying too much heat to the fries. Nowadays, most people make loaded fries by utilizing the leftover fries. These loaded fries are made by adding different things like vegetables, cornflakes, chicken, etc. The dish is not only good but also has a contemporary modern value.

In the end, we have listed some of the best and most productive ways to reheat the French fries instead of dumping them. The best way is to reheat French fries in the air fryer. In This way, they do not get dried, nor do they lose their crispiness. We can also reheat the french fries in the microwave, but it will make the French fries soggy, but following the process given in this article may save you from being musty. This article has discussed some of the ideal processes of reheating fries In the microwave, alongside some other suitable processes. So if you find this article helpful enough, then share the tips with others. It will save some fries from being destroyed.


Can you reheat frozen french fries?

Yes, certainly it is possible to reheat frozen fries. But there are small tips that do not immediately put the frozen french fries in the microwave, oven, or air fryer. Put the frozen french fries out of the freezer, and then let them settle at room temperature for a few minutes. Then you can use a microwave, oven, air fryer, or any heating device to reheat the frozen french fries.

How do you microwave fries without getting soggy?

If you evenly drizzle some olive oil or cooking oil over the fries before putting them in the microwave, there will be a greater chance that they emerge as crispy fries. Olive oil is the key to guaranteeing that you will not have soggy, mushy, and wet fries. Vegetable oil can also be used in the case that you do not have olive oil.

Can you make French fries crispy in the microwave?

In order to get a crispy French fry, you can not just put it in the microwave. You also have to follow some tips. You can use a paper towel, Aluminium foil, or the grill tray in order to get crispy fries.

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