How to choose the best chicken stock concentrate substitute?

Chicken stock concentrate is a popular food to use as a substitute for chicken. The liquid provides a chicken flavor that makes the food very delicious. You can easily make your soup, gravy, or strews tastier by adding chicken stock concentrate.

Sometimes the chefs may be anxious because of the lack of chicken stock concentrate. But there is good news: there are several substitutes you can use. Every substitute is easily available and some of them stay in almost every kitchen.

Best substitutes for chicken stock concentrate

  • Vegetable stock

Vegetable stock concentrate gives your food an alternative flavor to chicken stock. If there is no meat-based concentrate in your house, you can easily make vegetable stock as an alternative. It can add an exceptional flavor to your food.


  • Chicken stock

Chicken stock without concentration can also be a substitute for concentrated chicken stock. If you add water to your regular chicken stock, it can work like a concentrate. Moreover, the substitute will give you the opportunity to enjoy the natural taste of chicken.


If you cannot prepare natural chicken stock, you can buy it from the supermarket.

How to make chicken stock concentrate at home?

Boil the chicken stocks. After boiling for an hour, the stock will turn into a liquid concentrate. You can easily keep it in a refrigerator and preserve it for about six months.

Salt and spice mixture

Salt and spice mixture can work like chicken stock concentrate. This process can be considered the easiest way because salt and spices are readily available.

Take some spices, including garlic, thyme, onion, etc. The spices can be selected according to your preference.

First, mix the spices according to the correct measurement. Now, add some water to the mixture. Add a half teaspoon of salt. You can also add more if you think that the mixture is not tasty.

Butter can provide a fatty flavor and rich taste. If you cannot manage chicken stock concentrate, you can easily prepare this liquid using butter.

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Final Thoughts

Homemade chicken stock can be another excellent alternative to chicken stock concentrate. It can be prepared easily, so if you take this option, you should not look for any alternatives.

To prepare the substitute, you can mix vegetables, herbs, and spices with bones and meat. After that, you will prepare a liquid solution and store it in a jar. Now, the solution is ready to be preserved for several months.

Making a delicious chicken stock concentrate requires using the meat and bones of a chicken. But the other alternatives make it possible to enjoy the same taste without using these proteins.

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