Do you have anything in mind when somebody uttered nonpareil? Check out what does nonpareil mean in this article.

What is Nonpareil

When you look for its meaning in a dictionary, you may find its adjective meaning, which is “not equal.” But in the food industry, it could refer to several things that will bring you into confusion.

Continue reading to learn the fact that this term has various meanings that might surprise you!

The Word Origin

What Does Nonpareil Mean

When you trace the origin of the word nonpareil, you’ll learn that it’s from the background of Middle French. On the other hand, the term “pareil” originates from the term “par” (a Vulgar Latin), which would mean “equal.”

Beginning in the 15th century, the term has been used as an adjective in English. But in the late sixteenth century, the word nonpareil has been used to denote a noun that describes an unequaled excellent person.

As time passed the meaning of this term is continuously altered making it a confusing name for most of you. If you’ve asked “what does nonpareil mean,” it may refer to an adjective or noun.

What Does Nonpareil Mean In The Food Industry?

If your passion is cooking, you’ll surely need to know what other meanings the term nonpareil has.

These include the following:

Nonpareil as a Food

Nonpareil as a FoodNonpareil could act as a word that describes a person, a person itself or a type of food. It’s funny, isn’t it? If you’re not a particular expert in food terminologies, you’ll inevitably be lost on knowing what does nonpareil means.

If you’re a food addict most especially if you always crave for sweets, you would know what the term nonpareil may refer to. This adds heavyweight flavor and aromatic attraction to everyone. Children mostly love nonpareil.

Nonpareil as Delightful Decoration for Sweets

Traditionally, it is created using sugar and starch that is widely known as the small balls decorative confection. This is why in French this term would mean “no equal” due to the candy’s incomparable delightfulness. These tiny balls are best for decorating various sweets like cake and yummy desserts.


Believe it or not, nonpareil may also refer to a type of chocolate candy that can be popularly known as chocolate nonpareil. Have you seen a disk (made of chocolate) that is speckled with tiny as well as white sugar beads? It’s precisely what you think!

The chocolate nonpareil began to become known in 1992 wherein a prominent firm produced a BOB White candy.

Lovers of chocolates will be satisfied with the offered tasty sweets that chocolate nonpareil has. It’s also best for decorating desserts or any sweet treats. Watch this video on how to make homemade chocolate nonpareil:

Kind of Almond

What are nonpareil almonds? Like any other seeds, Almonds have their varieties. Surprisingly, it includes nonpareil which is one of the popular types of its class. It’s the most extensively created and considered as the premium looking almond. Growers get high returns from it.
Regarding appearance, it has broader nuts yet thinner shells as compared to other almond types. Nonpareil almond naturally has a sweet taste.

What are nonpareil capers?

Refers To a Classification of Food Sizing: The Nonpareil Capers

When you happened to see a caper jar, you may read the nonpareil label on it. Typically, the label refers to the smallest size or forms of capers. The tiniest capers commonly grow at the shrubs’ tip. If the nonpareil is the smallest capers, then the next capes that are larger, which include Grusas, Capucines, Surfines, Fines, and Capotes.

Nonpareil capersThe difference between Capote and nonpareil capers can be seen in their size. Having the smallest buds, which nonpareil capers have, is considered the best. This nonpareil (referring to smallest capers) measures seven millimeters, and they create a very complex and more concentrated taste. It contains less vinegar that’s why this is the best option to include in a recipe.

The capers are individually categorized in size, which means that they may vary in measurement. Capotes could measure 9 to 11 millimeters, Fines having 11 mm to 13mm measure, Surfines having 7mm to 9mm measurement, Capucines having 8mm to 9mm measurement and Grusas having 14mm up.

These capers are being used in Mediterranean and Italian cooking for dishes, salads, and dressings. If you’re fond of Chicken Piccata, you will see the capers are included in it.

Nonpareil as Best Topping Decors

Do you love baking? People who like to bake may gain awareness of what does nonpareil mean or what is its role in baking. Nonpareil would refer to the colorful decorative toppings that are commonly sprinkled on baked goods such as cakes and cupcakes.

The small nonpareil sprinkles are the best example of it. Decorating cakes, cookies and others are often made fun and creative through nonpareil.

Give It a Try! Pancake Nonpareil Recipe

If you want to give it a try, here’s an easy to prepare the nonpareil recipe.

You’ll need the following:

Cooking Instructions:


Various words in this world may make you wonder due to their variations in meaning. For example, the term nonpareil can be used both as an adjective and a noun. But typically, it’s used to denote food such as chocolate, decorative toppings and a kind of almond. We hope that you learn something from this article, particularly the answer to the question of what does nonpareil mean.

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