How to Freeze Cream Cheese and Make It Creamy Again?

You might be looking for fresh ingredients for making pastries or cupcakes for your children. You bring fresh and soft cream cheese from the departmental store for that purpose. After making your desired dish, you find many cream cheese leftovers. But Cream cheese lasts only 2 hours at normal room temperature. Then what should you do? Don’t be puzzled and just look for the solution that is available in your house. You can put the leftover cream cheese in the refrigerator.

In this article, you may find the actual process of putting the cream cheese in the freeze and the method of thawing the frosted cream cheese. It is not that simple. Just put it in the freeze in an unprofessional way. Frosting the cream cheese is a calculative process. If you make silly mistakes, then it’s a game over for the cream cheese. So give proper attention before freezing your leftover cream cheese and follow the procedures given below.   

What is cream cheese, and how is it made?

Before starting the discussion, we must know what cream cheese really is? We know that cheese is of different types, sizes, and textures. Among all those cheeses, cream cheese is the softest and creamy of them all. Cream cheese is a kind of cheese that is usually made of pure full cream milk. Sometimes we get confused between cream cheese and soft cheese. There are silly and minor differences between these two. Usually, the soft cheese is made of raw milk but no cream. So it tastes somewhat savory. On the other hand, cream cheese is purely constructed with fully creamed milk. As its texture is more than creamy, it is used in baking and molding. 


The pros and cons of frosting cream cheese

You may find some advantages to freezing the cream cheese. On the other hand, there are some minor disadvantages of frosting cream cheese. They are discussed below, 

The advantages of frost cream cheese

  • It increases the shelf life of the cream cheese
  • It is a decent way to save your money. Once buy cream cheese and then frost them for future use.
  • There is no other more convenient and effective way to store cream cheese for a long time.

The disadvantages of freezing cream cheese

  • It requires a long thawing process 
  • Sometimes freezing the cream cheese makes it a bit crumbly and grainy
  • It becomes less creamy so that the taste and texture of the food may decline

You Can Freeze Cream Cheese- Just Follow These Simple Steps

Cream cheese may last about two months if frozen nicely. It can be frozen in its actual and original concealed packaging by putting it directly in the freezer. The foil wrapping and the original wooden container are enough to store it safely. You can wrap the concealed or unopened in a layer of cling film paper for more security. If you have already broken the cover seal and opened the cream cheese, follow the below process to store it in a freezer.  

Assure the quality of the cream cheese

You should keep in mind that cream cheese is a highly perishable item and can not be stored for a long time. Before freezing it, you have to check the quality of the cream cheese and whether it can be preserved in a freezer or not. If the cream cheese has already started to turn pale and spoiled, it will not be wise to put it into the freezer.

Packaging of cream cheese

It is really a wise move to cut a big chunk of cream cheese into small block sizes. This improves the cream cheese quality and makes it even more efficient and usable. Put the small block of cream cheese in a freezer bag. If you do not have the freezer bag, then put it into airtight freezer-safe containers. This may preserve the cream cheese for a longer period of time, at least two months.Types of packaging for cheese

Get rid of airing 

Make sure that the freezer bag or the container is air-free. If it can not be ensured, it will accelerate the formation of ice crystals and prevent freezer burn. If air is present in the container, it will oxidize the cream cheese and may ruin the whole thing. 

Awesome labeling

Labeling is very important to know about the product information and the freezing starting date. Simply write the particular date on the side of the bag or container to get a clear idea about the item’s expiration date.

Defrosting Cream Cheese

If you want to defrost your cream cheese, then you have to follow simple tips; otherwise, the taste and texture of this wonderful item may suffer. At the very beginning, Transfer the cream cheese from the refrigerator directly to room temperature. If you want to use this directly on the food item, then put it in the refrigerator for another one hour after resting it at room temperature. This will densify the materials, and it becomes softer, and their creamy flavor will increase. A silly mistake in the defrosting process will ruin it completely, so be careful when defrosting the cream to defrost cream cheese

How to make frozen cream cheese creamy again?

You can not use the defrosted cream cheese directly to make your sweet items. First, you need to make it fully soft and creamy. Follow the methods to make it creamy again from Defrosted State.

Using the Microwave

Once the cream cheese is frizzed, it is really tough to reintegrate the soft particle into the initial form. But no worries, there are some useful ways to make this happen, and using the microwave is one of the greatest methods of turning it into a creamy state again from Defrosted State. Let us see that process in a nutshell.

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At the very first, just make it simply thaw in the freezer for a day. When the frosted cream cheese is completely defrosted, simply take it into a microwave-safe dish bowl and put it into the microwave for about 10 to 30 seconds. Take a spoon and stir it until it reaches a creamy and soft state. Just replicate this process until you are satisfied with the texture and color of the cheese. Microwaving the cream cheese won’t destroy the predispositions, and the grains will become more creamy. This is the most effective way of making it creamy again from the defrosted phase.

Using the Stove

Using the stove instead of the microwave has some advantages in making the cream cheese creamy again from the defrosted State. It is almost impossible to check the cream cheese in the microwave whether is turning too dry. You can not command the entire process, but you can control the process the entire time on the stove. Also, in the microwave, the cream cheese may get stuck with the bowl’s body due to overheating, but the chance of overheating the cream cheese is too low. Now let us see the process of how you can defrost the cream cheese using normal to make cream cheese on stove

Put a regular-sized saucepan on the stove and fully load it with water. Now take a glass bowl and simply put it in the saucepan, but keep in mind that the water may not evade the glass bowl. Then heat the bowl full of water. Now put the chunk of the frosted cheese in the bowl. Stir it nicely until it becomes soft and creamy. When the thawed cream cheese turns soft, stop the heat. This process is still the most popular method of making the cream cheese creamy again from Defrosted State.

Using a hand beater or whisk

If you manually want to make the cream cheese creamy from the defrosted State, then the best way is to use a hand beater or whisk. Generally, it just takes a whisk and starts to stir the defrosted cheese until it becomes soft and doughy. Stir the substance until it is totally mixed and the consistency is improved to the crumbly State. This is the easiest and hassle-free option to make the cream cheese fluffy and soft. 

Uses of thawed cream cheese in recipes

Thawed cream cheese is that kind of substance that has been defrosted and can be used in many of your dishes, and the thawed cheese has a smooth and doughy texture. Whether you use frozen or refrigerated Cream cheese, there might not be too much difference as both specimens possess almost the same texture. But the frozen Cream cheese has a bit larger grains than the refrigerated one. You can use Thawed Cream cheese in preparing some mouth-watering sweet items. Use of cream cheese

You can make omelets, cakes and baking, Sandwiches, Frosting and fondue, sauces and salads, ice cream, meatballs, pate, and many more tasty items using thawed cream cheese.  

Delicious Recipes You can make with defrosted cream cheese.

This article is about whether the cream cheese can be frozen or not. The main purpose of knowing this is to use the substance for making a lot of delicious items. Cream cheese is a popular cooking item that can prepare a lot of sweet items. Many food items can be made from cream cheese. Let us closely look at what items can be made by using cream cheese.   

  • Cream cheese cookies
  • Cream cheese pound cake
  • Chicken casserole with cream cheese
  • Baked spaghetti pie casserole with cheese sauce 
  • Baked cream cheese dipping 

Final Thoughts

From the above discussion, it has become clear that Cream cheese can be frozen. If you follow this article and the process that has been shown above, your Cream cheese may last long with maintaining the proper quality. A lot of dishes can be prepared from the Cream cheese. If you have extra Cream cheese left after using it in your dish, you can undoubtedly freeze it. Being cream cheese a perishable item, it can expire on short notice. So pay close heed to storing it after you have opened the box of Cream cheese. I hope this article may benefit you by inconveniently storing the Cream cheese.    


How long does frosted cream cheese last?

It may vary if the packaging process is different. Usually, frosted Cream cheese lasts up to six months in the freezer if packaged decently. If it is preserved in the refrigerator in an airtight container, then it may last for up to two weeks. And at the normal room temperature, it may last up to two hours in an airtight container.  

Does the cream cheese go bad?

Sealed cream cheese in plastic containers and flavored cream cheese may last for three to four weeks in the refrigerator. Reduced-fat cream cheese may last for two to three weeks in the refrigerator. A block that has been wrapped with foil paper can last up to two months, and it may exceed the best-by date when it is kept frozen. 

Does Cream cheese have health benefits?

Cream cheese has so many health benefits just like it contains protein, vitamins, antioxidants, Probiotic organisms, and many more beneficial nutrients, which are really advantages to the body. 

Can you freeze Philadelphia cream cheese?

Certainly yes, This can be frozen at any time and in any condition. If you freeze the unopened Philadelphia cream cheese, then the possibility of being so nice and fresh slightly increases than the opened Philadelphia cream cheese. 

Can you freeze dips made with cream cheese?

Dips that are made with cream cheese can be frozen and used later for various cooking recipes. The steps that are followed to make frozen dips are so simple. Blend the heavy cream into the cream cheese. Transfer the dip to a plastic freezer-safe container. Then write the storage date onto the container. Then freeze this, and your dips cream cheese is ready to serve. It may last about two weeks in this state.

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