Food TipsComparison: Is a Fresno chili hotter than a Jalapeno?

Comparison: Is a Fresno chili hotter than a Jalapeno?

Now, we are going to discuss the differences between Fresno chili and jalapeno. Finding the difference between two items is complicated if the items are almost the same. 

Fresno chili is hotter and spicier than Jalapeno chili. If you prefer a spicy taste, you can use red Fresno chilies because they have more Scoville Heat Units (SHU).

A short review of Jalapeno

Jalapeno is a medium-sized green pepper that has both red and green variants. The red variant of the jalapeno has a little extra heat. But, if you want to get the taste, you must wait before picking so that the jalapeno can reach full maturity.

The origin of the jalapeno is Mexico. With jalapeno chilies, you can easily make delicious hot sauces and salsas.

A short review of Fresno chili

It is true that Fresno chili has a lot of similarities with jalapeno. But there are some core differences. This is why users look for differences and select the best option.

When we talk about Fresno chilies, the first thing that comes to mind is their size. Fresno chilis are longer and can be easily sliced for application in your preferred curry.

The immature Fresno chilis have a green color. But when the chilis become ripe, they turn a light red color. The green Fresno chilis are quite hot. But the red Fresnos has a hotter flavor.

California is the home of Fresno chili. These chilis are good for preparing ceviche and salsa.


  • Price

There is no significant price difference between Fresno chili and jalapeno pepper. So, the price ranges of the two chilies are one of their similarities.

However, the price of the entire package is determined by the brand’s reputation. So it makes no difference whether you buy Fresno chili or Jalapeno; your costs will rise if you buy either from a reputable brand.

  • Color

Another mentionable similarity between Fresno chili and jalapeno is their color. Both of the chilis are red when they are fully ripe. Before this situation, both of the chilis were green.

Fresno vs. Jalapeno Peppers: What We Find While Comparing

Although Fresno chili and jalapeno are the same, they have some subtle differences. Now, we are presenting the differences so that you can make a good choice for your preferred recipe.


If anyone discusses the differences between Fresno chili and jalapeno, he should mention their thickness first. This is the main feature that differentiates the two chilies. Jalapenos have thicker walls, and Fresno’s walls are thinner.


If you want to enjoy a bit of a spicier one, you can collect Fresno chilis. These chilies are quite spicier than the jalapenos. However, Fresno chilis are smokier too.

On the other hand, jalapenos have a smaller spicy taste, but they are quite sweet.

Size comparison

The size difference can be an important matter to consider when selecting the perfect chili for a recipe.

Jalapenos are much smaller in size than Fresno chilis. So, if you want to use the smaller chilis for a smaller amount of the recipe, you can use jalapenos. On the other hand, the larger Fresno chili pieces are suitable for the huge quantity of recipes.

Scoville Heat Units (SHU) Score

There are more SHUs in Fresno Pepper. The amount of SHU in Fresno peppers is 2500 to 10000, and jalapenos have 2000 to 8000.

Can I use jalapenos as an alternative to Fresno chili?

Yes, Fresno pepper and jalapeno are two excellent alternatives to each other.

Firstly, their flavors are almost similar. So, if you are a Fresno chili user and start using jalapenos, the taste will not decrease.

The Scoville heat levels of Fresno pepper and jalapeno are the same. So, you will not see any significant difference.

Final thoughts

So, if you want to get a more spicy flavor and use the larger slices, you can easily use Fresno chili. On the other hand, jalapenos can be used as an alternative to Fresno. A jalapeno with a miniature appearance is good for less spicy food lovers.

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