Which air fryers are not made in China? Top 5 picks

Air fryers are essential cooking tools for both professional and home chefs. It makes our food crispy and delicious. The air fryer is an incredible innovation that was invented in 1896. Moreover, the convection oven has been popular since 1945, and an air fryer has some similarities to it.

5 Air Fryers That Are Not Made in China

Buying an air fryer made in a country other than China is difficult but not impossible. Indeed, the popularity of air fryers is high in China and the United States. Now, we are going to mention the names of the air fryers that are not manufactured in China. We will also discuss their different features.

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Philips Premium Air Fryer XXL- Made in Europe

This air fryer is made in Europe. It is a highly rated and excellently working air fryer, but it is not easily available in China or the USA. However, if you are a European, a Chinese, or an American, you can easily get the Phillips premium air fryer from the online markets. The best way is to buy the products from the Phillips website because it ensures you the best product and their direct after-sale service.Philips Premium Air Fryer

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Dash air fryers- Made in Indonesia

The Dash fryers are also popular, and user-friendly air fryer sets. Fortunately, they are made in Indonesia. If you are disinterested in Chinese products, you can choose the Dash air fryers. They are also listed on Amazon.com, and these products are available in many sizes and designs.

There is “air crisp” technology in Dash air fryers. It is ideal for having crispy fried potatoes and other foods that can be easily improved.Dash air fryers

Cleaning the nonstick surface of a Dash air fryer is very easy. But you have to avoid abrasive brushes or cleaners and metal utensils because they can harm the air fryer surface very quickly.

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T-Fal ActiFry- Made in France

It is another brand that manufactures outstanding cookware sets. But it is also good as an air fryer manufacturer.

There is a misconception about T-Fal being made in China. But they are outsourced to China, and the actual manufacturing country is France.T-Fal-ActiFry

There is an excellent feature of the T-Fal AirFry that has given it much popularity. You can cook anything with the cookware by using just one tablespoon of oil. Fries, vegetables, fish, and other dishes are suitable to cook with ActiFry.

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Kalorik air fryer oven- Made in Belgium

It is also an excellent cooktop that is not made in China. Mainly, Kalorik is a company that was established in Belgium. The company started its journey in Germany and then started manufacturing its products in Belgium. But there is no Chinese manufacturer in the Kalorik company.Kalorik air fryer oven

Kalorik is a major manufacturer of air fryers. Because of the European manufacturing process and the high quality of the material, modern users trusted it.

Although some customers paid for negative reviews of Kalorik air fryers, the positive features make it an average air fryer. Still, a number of people use it and pay for positive reviews.

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Tatung Air Fryer- Made in Taiwan

This brand is also assumed to be a Chinese brand, but the concept is not true. Tatung cookware was first manufactured in Taiwan. The history of the brand dates back to 1918, and it is still providing excellent service to its users.Tatung Air Fryer

However, Tatung cookware is a source of pride for the people of Taiwan, and it is long-lasting and user-friendly too.

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People Also Ask

Are air fryers used in China?

Yes, air fryers are considered common home appliances in China. You can see this device in many kitchens in China. So, air fryers are a common device in the country, and many people cannot ignore them. However, if you follow social media in China, you can see the use of air fryers frequently on their channels, so it is a trendy device.

Are air fryers safe for our health?

If you compare deep frying with using an air fryer, the latter will be a healthier process. Still, heating a portion of food in an air fryer is not considered admirable cooking. The first disadvantage of an air fryer is that it takes a longer time to fry the foods as necessary. At this point, the foods in the air fryer lose their actual taste and fragrance. Moreover, there is a slight amount of harmful chemicals on the air fryer’s surface, which can cause some health issues.

Are Chinese air fryers bad?

There are many air fryers from several brands that are made in China. Assume that Cosori is a Chinese-made cooking device that also performs well. Indeed, many people have less trust in Chinese products, but they are good for our regular use.

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Bottom lines

Finally, we can say that there are many American and European air fryers that are very popular around the world. So, you can easily choose the world’s best air fryer by searching through online marketplaces. Before purchasing an air fryer, you have to verify its standard every time. It will help you get a good product.

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