Burrata vs. Mozzarella cheese (Can you freeze burrata cheese?)

Both Burrata and Mozzarella are delicious. They are made of cow’s or buffalo’s milk, and the cheeses are formed like balls. People appreciate the delightful taste of Burrata and Mozzarella because they have a soft, sweet, creamy flavor. But You cannot preserve burrata cheese in a freezer for over two days.

Can you freeze burrata cheese?

Yes. Burrata should be eaten within several hours. But if you want to store Burrata inside a freezer, keep it for only two days. Storing burrata cheese inside a freezer for more than two days is not appropriate for maintaining the perfect taste of the desert. Instead, the taste of the desert may be destroyed.

Although burrata cheese has not had a long lifetime, there is a way to keep burrata cheese safe for a few days more. Using an airtight container is the solution. If you keep burrata cheese in this container and place it inside a freezer, it can be safe for up to five days.

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The differences between Burrata and Mozzarella

Both Burrata and Mozzarella are Italian cheeses that are made of milk. Many chefs become confused between burrata and mozzarella tastes. Now, we will discuss their differences to make it easier to prepare them correctly.

  • Both Burrata and Mozzarella are made of stretched-out curd. So there is lactic acid in both. But Mozzarella is made from the main substance of the dairy product.
  • Burrata is softer than mozzarella cheese. The additional flavor of burrata cheese is why it is so popular.
  • Mozzarella cheese is the winner in this feature. The elastic texture of mozzarella cheese v gives much taste. Moreover, those who eat Mozzarella can enjoy the surface and feel an extra sense of delight.
  • Although Burrata and Mozzarella have almost the same ingredients, Burrata has more calories and sodium.

We discussed the features that made mozzarella and burrata different desserts, but there are also several similarities. They both are interchangeable as their alternative.

The use of burrata cheese is not quite different from Mozzarella. Burrata cheese can be used in snacks, loaves of bread, and other dishes. Mozzarella can be served with buffalo chicken, mushroom-tomato salad, or pizza.

For the perfect cheese recipes, you can use both Mozzarella and Burrata. The creamy flavor and the combined taste of curd and milk can add extra pleasure.

Can you substitute Mozzarella for Burrata?

Why not? Both Burrata and Mozzarella are soft Italian cheeses. Each of them is tasty and suitable as a lite snack. So, it does not matter what cheese you are taking between Burrata and Mozzarella.

However, Mozzarella can be better in some situations. Suppose you want to melt the cheese with pizza. In this situation, fresh Mozzarella can be a better option. If you wish to manage burrata cheese to decorate your pizza and increase the taste, your cost will be increased.

Burrata vs. Mozzarella: which is newer?

Both Burrata and Mozzarella are famous Italian cheeses. Mozzarella has a history of almost a hundred years long. But, Burrata’s history is not like that. But, the popularity of Burrata is so admirable. Now, it is gaining popularity not on in Italy but also all over the world.

Burrata vs. Mozzarella: Making process

Burrata and Mozzarella are almost the same. But, there are some small differences between the cheeses. However, their making processes are also slightly different.

How is Mozzarella made?

To make Mozzarella cheese, you must collect five ingredients, including water, and then apply them together.

Essential ingredients:

i) Citric acid

ii) Renet

iii) Milk

iv) Kosher salt

v) Water

Preparing process of Mozzarella

Step 01: First, take a bowl, and mix citric acid and rennet properly.

Step 02: Mix more rennet and water in another bowl.

Step 03: Heat and curdle the milk.

Step 04: Cut the curds.

Step 05: Cook the curds.

Step 06: Remove the curds from the heat.

Step 05: Make the perfect shape of Mozzarella.

How is Burrata made?

First, collect the following ingredients.

i) Heavy cream

ii) Milk

iii) Calcium chloride

iv) Liquid rennet salt.

Process of making:

Step 01: Heat the milk properly.

Step 02: Add liquid rennet to the milk.

Step 03: Cut the curds.

Step 04: Finally, stretch the curds, and decorate them. Prepare it for serving.

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Bottom lines

Burrata and Mozzarella are popular cheeses because of their outstanding taste and appearance. However, if you know how to prepare them and decorate the recipes, you can easily serve them to your guests.

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