How long can you keep banana pudding in the refrigerator?

 Banana pudding is a popular dessert with its mind-blowing taste. Banana pudding has several tasty ingredients, including cookies, several layers of vanilla custard, fresh banana slices, milk, and eggs.

But banana pudding does not last long at room temperature. If you cook it and want to enjoy the recipe, you have to finish it within two hours. The most common method to keep banana pudding safe is storing it in a freezer or refrigerator, which keeps foods fresh by controlling the temperature.

How long does banana pudding last in a Refrigerator?

The creamy banana pudding is good for our health. It includes several nutritious foods, so our health benefits from it. Banana pudding is perishable, so it cannot last long. Significantly, banana pudding can last up to 3 to 4 days in the refrigerator.

The only difference between a freezer and a refrigerator is their temperature, where the freezer provides more coolness. Generally, banana pudding can last around a month or more in the freezer. The extended cooling temperature of the freezer keeps banana pudding safe for an extended time.

If you store banana pudding in the freezer, it will turn into ice. The freezer can keep it safe for around a month, but it is impossible to thaw the frozen pudding instantly. So, you must store the pudding at normal temperature for several hours.

How can I identify spoiled banana pudding?

Generally, we judge the color and smell of food and determine whether it is safe or not.

Malodor may occasionally emanate from the banana pudding. You must check the color when you dig into the pudding with a spoon. If the color inside the pudding turns light green, it is a sign of spoiled food, so do not eat it anymore.

Homemade pudding or pudding mix: which is better?

The homemade pudding recipe requires the perfect amount of ingredients. To ensure the proper taste, you must mix the banana, milk, eggs, sugar, and vanilla custard properly.

Conversely, pudding mix is a ready-made food ingredient that makes the pudding preparation process easier.

If you want to make delicious pudding quickly, buy a trusted brand of pudding mix from the supermarket. On the other hand, the homemade pudding mix will ensure the proper nutrients.

Which pudding can I eat: hot or cold?

Pudding is best eaten cold. Most people cook pudding recipes and cool them by storing them in a refrigerator. But some people also like hot pudding recipes, so both are appropriate for eating.

How do you prepare a homemade banana pudding recipe?

Preparing pudding with natural ingredients is very easy. First, you collect the ingredients and follow the cooking steps.

  • Pudding mix
  • Banana
  • Eggs, milk, and sugar
  • Vanilla custard

Cooking process:

Step 01: Take vanilla custard and pudding mix and mix them together. The number of ingredients you use will determine the amount of pudding you make.

Step 02: Cut 2/3 of a banana in half and make several banana slices. Keep the slices beside the mixture.

Step 03: Now, pour the entire ingredient into a blender. Blend the pudding mix and vanilla custard together.

Step 04: Place the banana slices in a large bowl. Pour the mixture into the bowl and cover the banana slices with pudding.

Step 05: Now, the pudding mixture is ready. You can store it in the refrigerator for 2–3 hours if you want to enjoy a cool pudding recipe.

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