How to Clean a Nuwave Air Fryer Quickly and Thoroughly

The air fryer is one of the necessary household articles in our daily lives. This instrument is getting more popular day by day because of the benefits of oil-free cooking. We have to use this instrument frequently for the purpose of cooking.

The longevity of an air fryer does not only depend on its efficiency but also depends on the maintenance of the appliance. The more we take care of the articles, the longer they will remain efficient.

Cleaning the air fryer is one of the important, regular tasks of the maintenance of this device. Many of us do not know how to clean the Air Fryer. For this reason, many small pieces of rotten or stuck food particles remain in the fryer. The rotten articles are, on one side, harmful to our health and, on the other, minimize their long-lasting durability.

However, we are going to discuss the procedure for cleaning the Nuwave Air Fryer.

Necessary Things

  1. soapy water
  2. soft sponge
  3. soft towel
  4. dish detergent
  5. Warm Water
  6. Skewer
  7. Tissue

Procedure for cleaning the Nuwave Air Fryer

Step 01: When you have finished cooking, then first all you have to do is unplug the fryer. It will stop the cooking process immediately.

Step 02: Give space for a while to make it cool.

Step 03: When it is cooled, begin to wipe out the oil from the drawer. When we use the sticky sauce, some sauce remains attached to the basket. Here we have to clean the basket completely. 

Step 04: use soapy water and a soft sponge or cloth rather than any hard things.

Step 05: For surfacing the cover of the fryer for the second time, you may use the tissue, as the fryer can get dry in a shorter time.

Use warm water or lemon

Warm water is helpful in cleaning the basket. By soaking the basket in hot water and mixing it with the dish detergent, the basket will be clean enough, and stuck-on food will disappear from the basket.

Your hand, towel, or brush may not reach into the grease of the fryer; here, you can take the help of the skewer and may easily remove the stuck food.

You can also use the lemon for cleaning the basket. Just slice the lemon and rub it in the basket. The unwanted particles will easily be removed from the basket and the drawer.

Exterior cleaning

For the cleaning of the exterior surface of the fryer, soak the towel in soapy water, then wipe out the surface of the fryer as no articles of food may remain in the fryer. Instead of using the cloth, you may also use the spoon, but be sure that the spoon is soft. Always try to avoid using the hard thing when using the fryer. The hard materials may be harmful to the fryer. Remember, Fryer is a soft instrument, and you have to deal with it in a very conscious and soft way.

Use the Dump Towel

Use the dump towel not only to the surface but also to the inner part of the drawer, where your hand may reach. On the outside of the drawer in the inner part, Many particles may remain.

Never try to clean the fryer in the traditional way as you clean other household items.

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