How to set clock on Hamilton Beach microwave?

The timer setting of a Hamilton Beach microwave is not as complicated as the new user thinks. This device functions in such an easy way that a user can easily set the timer and heat the food.

Clock or timer setting on the Hamilton Beach microwave

Nothing is here to do more in the setting of a clock of the Hamilton beach microwave but a bit of a task.

  1. First of all, click the button ‘Clock,’ then set the clock to 12 hours based or 24 hours based. These are also called regular and military times. The 24 hours is military time, and the 12 hours is regular time. By default, after clicking the clock button, you will find the regular time. 
  2. To adjust the regular or military time, just click the clock button twice. Then set the time by typing the buttons for minutes and seconds. After setting the time, click the button to start, and it will begin to run. 
  3. If you have to set the time again, then apply the same process. Not only can you set the hour and second simultaneously, but you can also set the hour and second separately, as the hour and second blink separately. If you click the button on the clock again after setting the time, it will begin to blink the hour and seconds in separately.
  4. You can stop the oven from heating by clicking the “stop” button. One of the positive sides of this oven is that there is no am or pm setting, so you don’t need to do extra work.

However, the above instruction shows that it is an easy way to set the time in the Hamilton Beach microwave.

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