What can you substitute for fennel seeds, bulbs, and leaves?

Do you want to prepare a recipe but can not find a fennel? Is it an emergency to get another alternative to it? Fennel is an incomparable component, a category of the carrot family, and a flowering plant ingredient. It looks like a dill. You will find the seeds in Chinese five-spice powder, Italian sausage, and Middle-Eastern delicacies and prepare many kinds of fennel cakes. A unique element like fennel is so hard to replace. However, if you are unable to find an alternative, you do have some other options. Fennel, unsurprisingly, has no relation to licorice or aniseed, but it has a licorice-like flavor. This fennel flavor is partitive; some people will love it, and others will entirely avoid it. Even if you enjoy the vegetable dish, you may not enjoy the same taste and flavor. Fennel is a typical recipe using its bulb base as a vegetable. There is no unpalatable part of the fennel.

How can you recognize fennel?

Fennel is a long-lived plant that stays for two years or more. Usually, two kinds of fennel are available: herb and Florance. Despite being a carrot family member, fennel is not a member of root vegetables. Do you know what kind of vegetable fennel is? It is the bulbing part of the vegetable and has a licorice flavor. It also looks like a cross between celery, dill, and onion. Fennel includes a large and bulbous root, stems, and leaves. You can eat the foundation of the fennel by cooking or eating slices of the raw fennel bulb by cutting it into pieces. The ultimate substitute for fennel-

Best substitutes for fennel seeds in recipes

Do you know if you want some methods that allow you to alternate the fennel or fennel seeds? There are a few substitutes for fennel seeds, but you will find them easily if you try to find them. Here I am mentioning some of the alternatives to fennel, which are close to your hand and very easy to find. You can use any substitute instead of fennel, but you have to remember that you should pour them in the correct quantity. Otherwise, your dish will be spoiled.

Dill seeds

Dill seeds as substitute for fennelYou can take out dill if you choose fennel and fennel seed replacement. The leaves and fragrance of the fennel are pretty similar to those of dill. Moreover, the fennel provides an acute flavor like aniseed; the dill gives us a soft odor. Dill is quite the same as the texture of fennel, but in taste, it is slightly different. Taking dill into your recipe is the best option if the fragrance is the most important sight of your recipe. Consider using dill with carrots, seafood, or eggs, and you will not feel remorse for your decision. Dill is an excellent option to use instead of both fennel leaves and fennel seeds. 


Anise as alternative for FennelFor taking a delicious flavor to meats and other sweet dishes, you can utilize anise. If you can not find a fennel, it will be one of the best choices for you to replace it with anise. Anise is similar to fennel seeds and can provide you with a nice fennel-like flavor. Anise has a licorice flavor and a deep and sweet odor. Though you can get an intenser smell from the anise seeds, you can put them in the same quantity as fennel seeds.


Cumin as substitute for FennelYou may know cumin seed is a spice, but it is also eatable. You can get a slightly different flavor from fennel seeds in cumin. Cumin’s delicious penetration has been vital in our cuisine for thousands of years. Cumin seeds have a peculiar and compounded fragrance. It has a thickness of nutty undertone that gives a pleasant taste. They also have spiciness that reminds you of lemon, but you can use them as an excellent alternative to fennel.

Licorice root

Licorice root as alternative for FennelDo you know about licorice root? If you get this, you may use it as a good substitute for fennel. Fennel has an acute licorice flavor; the licorice root can be an excellent alternative. Even if you alternate licorice with fennel, you will be confused about the taste of the two items. Instead, licorice is an item of more robust flavor and sweeter taste, so you should use it in a lower quantity. 

Caraway seed

Caraway seed as substitute for fennelCaraway seeds come from the same family as the fennel seeds. Thus, you can replace them easily as your need. Both of them have a near taste of licorice flavor. They also add citrusy flavor to making themselves the best choice to make many dishes. It adds extra flavor to the fennel and a more acute buttery flavor to the fennel.

Substitute for fennel bulb

Do not be disappointed if you need fennel bulbs during your cooking but can not manage it. There are some alternatives to it, and you can do well in your cooking. The substitutes are similar to fennel bulbs in taste, shape, and flavor for your delicious recipe


Celery as substitute for fennel bulbAre you thinking about the consequence of failing to collect the fennel bulb? You can reach for celery if you can not collect any fennel. The measurements and tastes of celery and fennel bulbs are about to duplicate. If you see and know about celery, you will find a massive similarity between it and the fennel bulb. Hence, if you do not like the fennel bulb’s taste, celery is a good substitute for you. Most of the time, we eat celery raw. But, it is also used when it is cooked and fried. Celery is so easy to cook. You may find it slightly soft but crunchy texture when being roasted. You may not find many recipes for it, but the cooking method of celery is so easy. When roasted with garlic and seasoned with herbs, it gives you the best experience to use it. 

Bok Choy

Bok Choy as alternative for fennel bulbBok choy is a crunchy, green cabbage and provides you with a delicate cabbagy flavor. Sometimes it tastes like celery. Bok choy is packed with vitamins and is so necessary for our health. If you want to find one of the best substitutes for fennel, you must go for bok choy. It does not look precisely similar to fennel but slightly provides a bittersweet fragrance. It contains vitamin C and antioxidants, which are necessary for our health. You can easily use bok choy to substitute for fennel bulbs in your recipe. 


Artichoke as alternative for fennel bulbYou have good news to make you surprised. An artichoke can be one of the best alternatives to fresh fennel. When you cook an artichoke, it becomes creamy and crispy. Moreover, it provides you with the same texture as fennel. Thus, you can utilize it efficiently as an excellent alternative to fennel. As coming with good fragrance, they are oily, rich, and fabulous with lemony freshness. You can use the artichokes as boiled, grilled, streamed, garnish, or added to salads. You may use them as the same amount of fennel. 


Shallots as substitute for fennel bulbWhich can provide you with mild onion flavor and be a perfect fennel substitute? That is shallots, very near to your hand. To fulfill your demand of having sweet vegetables with bulb and creamy, soft, rich texture and enjoy your bite, shallots or mild onion is your best choice. But, remember to use it at its considerable amount and not cook it for a long time as it loses its flavor. 


Leeks as alternative for fennel bulbLeek is an allium plant related to onions, garlic, chives, and shallots, an excellent alternative to fennel. If you need to manage fennel to make your recipe perfect, allow leeks to complete your cuisine. But, they are a little bit lighter than onion. You will get its similarity with raw fennel in bite and cooked fennel in creaminess. 

Fennel leaves alternatives

French Tarragon

French Tarragon as alternative for fennel leavesIs there any herb that has a remarkable similarity with fennel? French tarragon is always with you. If you try to find out a lot of anise and licorice flavor without expensing more, you can choose French tarragon. Tarragon is very effective in making your dishes delicious, and it is a suitable replacement for fennel in your fish and meat dishes. 


Dill as substitute for fennel leavesAgain dill? Right, you got it. Such an item can be used as a substitute for fennel seeds and fennel leaves. With its strong flavor, lemony aroma, tanginess, and bittersweet tone, dill has become one the best alternatives to fennel. You can use them in pickles, sauces, fish, or meats recipes. It is less aromatic than fennel, so you have to pour it a little bit more. 


Parsley as alternative for fennel leavesParsley is a food ingredient that grants you a warning effect in your recipe and makes the color of your food brighter. It is full of the features of mildly bitter, salty, floral, herby, and earthy taste. When you prepare marinades, garnishes, sauces, soups, dressings, stews, and salads, you can use parsley in a certain quantity in your dishes and enjoy the delicious recipe.


Cilantro as alternative for fennel leavesCilantro is a common herb, and it comes from coriander plants fresh leaves. It is such an ingredient that either people will love or hate it. Some of them like its bitterness but the others comment that its taste is like a bar of soap. If you try to find a substitute for fennel that provides you with the grassiness of fennel leaves, you can easily choose cilantro. 

Mexican Avocado leaves

Mexican Avocado leaves as substitute for fennel leavesMexican avocado leaves are essential to reminding you of fennel’s fragrance with its mild flavor. They give you a likely taste of fennel and make your cooking better. Use the same amount of fennel in your sauces, meats, fish, or other dishes.


Which substitute tastes similar to fennel?

Anise is a substitute that has a very close taste to fennel. It includes ingredients that are very similar to fennel. If you search for a flavor comparable to the fennel, you can choose anise without any doubt. Anise also has some other positive sides. It is a food with many nutrients and is suitable for our health. So, choosing anise will be a  good decision if you want a similar taste to fennel and perfect for your health.

Are the dills and fennels the same?

Dills and fennels are not the same, but they have many similarities. You can use dills instead of both fennel leaves and fennel seeds. Even you will be confused while differentiating between fennels and dills. Getting dills less aromatic, you have to pour a little bit more. But, by the other sights, you will get many similarities between fennel and dills. Both fennel and dill have a common characteristic: their leaves, seeds, and bulbs are used in our cooking. 

Can you substitute fennel seeds for fenugreek?

Fennel seeds are one of the best substitutes for fenugreek. But, fennel seeds are sweeter, and they can easily overwhelm a dish than fenugreek. So, you can use them lightly. You can combine yellow mustard and fennel seed to use instead of fenugreek easily. If you try to make your favorite dish with them, crush both of them strongly and pour them into your recipe.

Final thoughts on fennel seed replacement

Fennel is an essential item in our daily needs. If we can not get it, we need to manage another thing as its substitute. If you can not cook your favorite item because of not having fennel in your house, there are other alternatives like cilantro, dills, or celery. In this article, you got many ingredients to use instead of fennel. These substitutes will be your companion when making delicious recipes. Using the replacements, you can enjoy the same taste and flavor of fennel without utilizing fennel if you can not have it in your kitchen.

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