What Can Be Used As A Substitute For Dry Or Powdered Milk?

If I ask you a question that goes Like this, Which ingredient is the most used in the world? What will your answer be? Is it getting too tough? Okay, I am giving the answer. It’s milk. Milk is the ingredient without which it is really difficult to make sweet items and desserts and beverages like tea and coffee. Fortunately, you can find the most readily available ingredients around you: milk powder or dry milk. It is almost available everywhere. A broad range of dishes is prepared from powdered milk.

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But let’s think about the situation. Suddenly, you have guests in your home, and there is nobody to welcome them. You intend to make something for them because you need powdered milk. But you are running out of milk powder. Then what should you do? You will surely look for a perfect alternative to powdered milk. This article perfectly answers all your questions regarding the substitute for dry milk powder. So without further ado, let me state my discussion over powdered milk.

What is milk powder or dry milk?

Milk powder is one of the biggest assets in the cooking world. It is a tremendous source of making a lot of delicious dishes. Milk powder is nothing but the transformation of milk powder from the liquid state. Usually, calcium carbonate monohydrate or hydrated lime is added in a particular portion to dehydrate the powdered milk. In the dairy industry, solar power or intensive mechanical power is used to remove the extra liquid from the milk powder. Then companies package the powder which is found in the stores.

There are tons of advantages to powder milk, as it has a longer shelf life than liquid milk, and you can carry this powder easily on your journeys. The nutritional values are also really decent in this item. Moreover, it is useful for making daily beverages like tea or coffee and many more food items.

Try These 10 Best Substitutes for Milk Powder or Dry Milk

Many items can easily be substituted with milk powder as the taste and textures of these items give into the dishes are almost the same. Here I am discussing a bunch of alternatives to milk powder,

Regular Milk

Regular Milk as substitute for powder milkRegular milk is undoubtedly the best option to replace powdered milk. Actually, milk powder is the dried version of regular liquid milk. Regular fresh milk is the best for using many recipes and contains raw flavor as the vitamins and minerals in this contain a large content. If you do not have the milk powder and opt to use the free liquid milk, then there is a good chance of fulfilling your recipe purpose. Make sure that the proper amount of milk powder is taken, as one-fourth of the milk powder is almost equal to the regular fresh liquid Milk.  

Coconut Milk Powder

Coconut Milk Powder as alternative for powder milkCoconut milk is often used in soups, curries, sauces, and other recipes as it is loaded with heavy, fatty minerals. However, coconut milk is nothing but the outcome of the shredded flesh of the coconut. When it is dried and heated, it holds the texture of powdered milk. Coconut milk is another vegan and lactose-free substance that is suitable for those people who have an allergy to lactose content. 

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The coconut powder is not made from fresh coconut; rather, it is produced from dry coconut, and it has a really dense and heavy creamy texture which is really good to use in baked goods, fish, and meat recipes. It is a staple ingredient that is hugely used in south Asian dishes.   

Soy Milk Powder

Soy Milk Powder as substitute for powder milkAre you allergic to the lactose content or can not tolerate the foul scent of dairy milk? Then I am introducing you to one of the best vegan options as a supplement to the milk content. Soy milk powder is an option you can apply in your recipes, like baked goods, sauces, gravy, and soups. 

 It is produced from soybeans, so the taste gives you a slight feeling of raw soybeans. This soy milk powder is ideal for making bread, cookies, biscuits, and many fluffy dessert items. Applying the liquid to it becomes more creamy, and the texture is like dense and heavy buttercream. 

The most prominent features of this item are that it is loaded with lots of vegan nutrients, which are really beneficial for health. Another impressive part of Soy milk powder is that it has an extensive shelf life and does not spoil easily. You can store the Soy milk powder in the fridge for a long time and just take it out of the fridge and use it according to your needs. Adding a little warm or cold water may do the thing for you.  

Rice Milk Powder

Rice Milk Powder as alternative for powder milkIf you are searching for a non-dairy lactose-free milk content, then I present to you another most common item: rice powder or rice flour. Whatever you say, it is the most nutritious and widely used element in cooking throughout the world. It is basically full of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and other loads of important natural elements that energize the body and strengthen its muscles.

Rice Milk Powder is naturally sweet and dense in nature, so it is very suitable for use In sweet and dessert items, also in beverages like coffee, tea and cakes, cookies, and baking. Rice Milk Powder can be used as a protein shake. If you have a problem with dairy products and are intolerant to the lactose content, then you can use this without any doubt. 

 Potato Milk Powder

Potato Milk Powder as substitute for powder milkYou may never hear of potato milk powder, but yes, it exists. These would be hard to find in the supermarkets, but you can make this in your home. Just boil the potatoes, and they cool down. Then, take a blender, pour all the boiled potatoes, add some almond-grounded salt and a little sweetener, and blend them for a few minutes. You will get potato milk. You get the actual potato powder milk if you evaporate the extra liquid. 

If you are super allergic to the lactic elements and looking for a lactose-free option to use in your cooking, this potato milk powder is the best option. It is free from cholesterol and fatty content and has many nutritional elements in it. The most exciting thing is that kids like this powdered milk more than traditional liquid milk, as it is vegan powder milk. The stinky foul scent is eliminated in the potato milk powder. This may taste like boiled potatoes, and the texture is slightly thicker and denser than conventional milk powder.

Evaporated Milk

Evaporated Milk alternative for powder milkThis milk is the most common type of milk you can use as a substitute for milk powder. The density of the evaporated milk is a lot thicker, and when you apply heat to this, it will be turned into a thick dark substance. It has a 40% liquid content, so The other name of evaporated milk is sugar-free condensed milk. This milk is used in the most delicious dishes like soups, sauces, omelets, and the decoration of cakes and bakery items. Mostly you can find this milk in a can, and you can preserve it for a lo9mg time as it has a decent shelf life. 

Oat Milk Powder 

Oat Milk Powder alternative for milk powderThis type of milk powder is made from dried oats, and it contains a lot of valuable materials like protein, fiber, calcium, iron, riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, and phytochemicals. It has a little sweet taste, and the flavor is so good that you won’t resist consuming it. You can use oat milk powder to increase the overall taste and flavor of the food item.

Cashew powder

Cashew powder as substitute for milk powderIt is a popular milk powder substitute produced from whole cashew; if you are searching for a kind of milk that will give an extra creamy and dense flavor to the food item, you can rely on this. This powder has a sweet and soft texture, and adding this to the food items will make it even sweeter and palatable. You can use this in baking, preparing desserts, and lots of sweet and savory items.

Almond milk powder

Almond milk powder as substitute for powder milk

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This type of powder is full of high fiber, protein, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin E, and lots of other beneficial elements. The process of making almond milk powder is laborious enough. At the very beginning, you have to soak almonds in water and then peel off the outer shell of the almonds. Then roast these in a skillet or a frying pan. The last step is to grind them as long as it is turned into a fine powder of almost. This is a nice pick if you are intolerant to the lactose elements, as this powder is produced from vegan seed. You can use this in any bakery item and in desserts.

Whipping Cream Powder

Whipping Cream Powder as substitute for milk powderWhipping cream is the softest and creamiest form of milk; Originally, powdered milk was the main ingredient in making whipped cream. The milk powder is whipped with the help of the hand beater. The beating is stopped as soon as it converts into a soft white creamy-looking substance. If you do not have the powder in your home, then use whipping cream or heavy cream instead. You can mainly use this to make a cake, pastry, cupcakes, and soft cookies.

Delicious powdered milk recipes

There are tons of delicious food items that you can try making using powder4 milk. Some of them are fluffy and soft. Some of them are creamy or liquid; they vary in taste, look, and making processes. Let us have a look at what items we can prepare by using powdered milk.

  • Smoothies, coffee or tea, cookies, and cakes
  • Biscuits, muffins, pancakes, yeast bread 
  • Canned soup and Mashed potatoes
  • Puddings, custards, gravies, and sauces.
  • Matcha Pastillas, Salted Caramel Pastillas, Ube Pastillas, Pastimallows,
  • Strawberry Scramble, tomato focaccia
  • Honey wheat cookies and Pumpkin pie
  • Chinese cocktail buns
  • Whole-grain pancakes and serendipity bread 

Powdered Milk Vs. Fresh Milk

Fresh Milk and powdered Milk are both dairy products with homogeneous flavors. So fresh milk is tastier and sharper than powdered milk, but it doesn’t have a shelf life as long as powdered milk, as fresh milk is produced directly from dairy and can be allergic to some people. Children often feel offended while consuming raw milk. Then parents use a different version of the milk which is preferable to their child.

On the other hand, powdered milk is more suitable if you want to preserve this for a longer period of time, as raw milk is perishable to some extent. A variety of items can be made from powdered milk, as I have listed earlier in this article. 

Final words

Milk is always a versatile and nutritious food item. There are hardly any sweet or savory dishes that do not use milk. Milk powder is an obvious thing in the culinary world. And the milk powder is a great help in preparing the dishes. But it is not always necessary that it be present in your kitchen arena. Then you need a perfect substitute for this item that will not change the taste and appearance of your dish. In this article, I have included all the possible alternatives to milk powder, and I have categorized which substitute should be used in which cooking items. If you want detailed writing on replacing their milk powder, this article is obviously one of the best you can find.


What is the best substitute for milk powder in the bread machine?

The answer is really simple. You can replace almost all the fresh liquid milk in the bread recipe, just kike Coconut Milk, Soy Milk, Potato Milk, or any kind of liquid milk. It will not hamper the taste and texture of the dish.   

Is powdered milk as healthy as regular milk?

The nutrient values in both Powdered milk and fresh milk are almost equal. Whole milk powder contains oxidized cholesterol, which damages blood vessels and increases the chance of heart disease, and nonfat dried milk is cholesterol-free To some extent. So you can consume powdered milk without any hesitation as the nutritional contents do not differ much.

Can you use powdered milk for baking?

Yes, you can use powdered milk in baking; you have to simply mix some warm water with the milk powder to turn it into liquid milk. Adding water is dependent on how much consistency you want. There will be no huge change in the taste section if you use powdered milk instead of liquid milk.  

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