What is the largest Cosori air fryer?

Cosori is a popular air fryer brand that manufactures attractive, user-friendly devices. Selecting an air fryer with the perfect size is essential so that it can hold all the necessary food elements.

Largest Cosori air fryer size

There are mainly two types of Cosori air fryers available on the market. They have a 5.8-quart and 3.7-quart capacity, respectively.

Undoubtedly, the 5.8-quart Cosori air fryer is the largest one. With your Cosori 5.8-quart air fryer, you can easily prepare all of the essential food items for your family of about 5 people.

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The dimensions of the Cosori 5.8 cookware are 11.8 x 11.8 x 12.6 inches, and the basket is 9 x 9 x 3.75 inches. The giant Cosori air fryer’s holding capacity is 5.5 liters. It can easily prepare food for up to five people at a time.

Where are Cosori air fryers made?

The Cosori brand was established in Southern California. Many of their products are manufactured in this place. But the services of the Cosori fryers are available worldwide. In Asia, there is also another manufacturing section of Cosori located in China. But those China-made Cosori products are designed in America.

What is the specialty of the Cosori smart air fryers?

All the features of the Cosori smart air fryers are almost the same as those of the other Cosori air fryers. However, one exceptional feature of the air fryer distinguishes it and makes it a favorite of many users.

Smart controlling

If you are under the blanket and do not want to leave the bed to turn on the air fryer, you can use your smartphone to control the air fryer while lying on the bed. The Cosori air fryer is suitable for controlling with a smartphone.

Several cooking functions

There are 13 different cooking functions in the Cosori air fryer. When you cook the different foods, the temperature will automatically take the different foods, and the temperature will automatically be set. So, you do not have to think about setting the temperature by reading the user manual.

Square-shaped basket

The available round-shaped cooking baskets inside the square air fryers are reliable for losing space. But the square-shaped baskets save space and make the cooking surface larger.

Frequently asked questions

  • Are Cosori air fryers worth the money?

There is no doubt that the Cosori air fryers are perfectly worth the money. Several aspects of Cosori demonstrate its superiority as cookware. The healthy feature of using less oil is a mentionable one. It is not only good for your health but also good for your wallet.

  • What types of foods are appropriate to cook with Cosori air fryers?

Almost every food you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is suitable for cooking in a Cosori air fryer. Roasts, fries, vegetables, corn, and crispy snacks—every type of food can be cooked inside the device. However, cooking with hot air is appropriate for making the food crispier and tastier.

  • What is the difference between the Cosori and the Cosori Pro?

Almost all the features of the Cosori and Cosori air fryers are the same. Both of them have a crispy food-making capacity, a 5.8-liter storage capacity, quick frying, and other advantages. But the Cosori Pro air fryer’s display has an ergonomic design, which adds an additional dimension to the Pro.

Final thoughts about Cosori air fryers

So, if you have a Cosori air fryer, you can make enough dishes for all the family members. However, it may be able to source enough snack items for your guests. Finally, this air fryer can give you the entire taste of the ultimate cuisine.

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