Airfryer ReviewAir fryer vs. oven: Compare cooking time

Air fryer vs. oven: Compare cooking time

The air fryer and oven are the two common cooking devices. Choosing the best one for your desired food is critical to get better temperature control and even cooking.

What is an air fryer?

An air fryer is a small cooking device. It uses hot air and cooks food with the air. There is a basket inside the air fryer. The fryer uses the basket to hold the food and fry it. The hot air circulation of an air fryer is faster. So, it prepares food more quickly than convection ovens.

What is an oven?

An oven is a slightly larger cooking device than an air fryer. An oven includes a hollow chamber inside it. The chamber is heated, and therefore it heats the cooked food. The heat of an oven remains under control. Most of the ovens are 24 inches, 27 inches, or 30 inches wide. The size range is adequate for a large amount of food storage. The height of single-wall ovens is 27 to 29 inches.

Cooking time of an air fryer and an oven

If you want faster cooking, an air fryer is the best option for you. The major differences between an air fryer and an oven are their cooking times and sizes. In general, an air fryer cooks in half the time it takes an oven. Now, we are presenting a short comparison of cooking times between an air fryer and an oven.

Food/dish Air fryer cooking time Oven cooking time
Large baked potatoes 30 minutes 60 minutes
Potato slice 8 minutes 15 minutes
Fish fry 10 minutes 20 minutes
Chicken fry 20 minutes 40 minutes

It shows that an air fryer uses less time to prepare any dish. An air fryer takes only 1–3 minutes to preheat. On the other hand, if you want to preheat your oven, you have to allow about 10–15 minutes.

Compare other features

  • Larger space

Although an air fryer takes a shorter time to heat the food, it has a shorter space too. It is why you cannot cook a huge amount of food at a time with an air fryer.

But an oven gives an extended space for cooking. It is an excellent opportunity to prepare food for a small family program.

  • Size Variety

Air fryers are available in a variety of sizes. The small size of the air fryers is 2.6 quarts, and the largest ones can be up to 5.8 quarts.

But the size range of the ovens is from 24 inches to 29 inches. So, the ovens are almost the same.

The size variation of the air fryer is necessary for some users who need an exceptional size to cook food.

If you can use them in the best way, each of them will ensure excellent utilities. So, enjoy buffalo chops, salmon cakes, or large potatoes by using an air fryer or a suitable oven.

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