Can you freeze orange juice to preserve it? Two of the best ways

Oranges are one of the most eminent and nutritious fruits in the world. You can not imagine having your breakfast without orange juice. Orange juice is regarded as the most wholesome liquid drink in some countries as orange juice is loaded with various salutary vitamins and minerals. In the peak season, when oranges are abundant and the price factor is comparatively lower, you may intend to preserve plenty of oranges. For preservation, you need to know the actual process of storing the oranges. If you refrigerate the oranges, that may cost you huge storage, but if you transform the oranges and store them for future consumption, the storage quantity may be minimized.

The best way to preserve the oranges is to turn them into juice. Orange juice is most suitable for storing oranges, and the more suitable method of storing orange juice is to freeze them. This article will discuss the important strategies for freezing orange juice, and I will also describe the taste and nutrients aspects of the defrost orange juice.

Can you freeze orange juice? -Yes, but how?

The most important phase of this article is what are the methods of freezing the orange juice. There are several methods of freezing orange juice, but I will discuss the most useful ones for your convenience. There are some processes of freezing, which are discussed below,


preserved orange juiceIf you want to preserve your orange juice without any difficulties, it is the most effective way to preserve them in a container. But when you are using a container to freeze the orange juice, make sure that there is no extra space left in the container. If it happens, then the orange juice in the container may deteriorate very soon. So it is wise to choose the best fit container. We will describe the process in four separate segments.

Step one: Pour the juice into the container that you prefer

Select a container you prefer that is sturdy, airtight, and freezer safe. Then gently put this into the freeze. In some hours, it will turn into a hard ice freeze layer. You can also use a tight zippered freezer-safe bag if you wish. Whatever you use, make sure that the pot is air-free; otherwise, it will moisten the orange juice.

Step Two: Leaving a space between the container and orange juice

When you seal the Container pot, make sure that the juice is firmly separated from the container cover. When the juice is frizzed, it may expand a little bit. So consider allowing a headroom of at least half inches.

Step Three: Tightly seal the container

After you pour the orange juice into the container, seal the cover tightly. If the cover is loose, then it may oxidate the whole thing, which may destroy the orange juice.

Step Four: Labeling with extra care

labeling is really important to know when it was made and when it will expire. Take a masking tape and stick this with the body of the container. Then write the date on the tape, and now it is ready to go in the freeze.


Freezing orange juice in the refrigeratorStep one: Pouring the orange juice into the ice cube tray

Freezing orange juice in the ice cube tray is a good way to freeze orange juice as it can directly be used in different dishes such as garnishing or dressing. Then put these in the freeze, and within an hour, you will get fresh cubed ice orange juice.

Step Two: Rephasing the ice cubes in a container

After you get the cubed orange juice, you can store them in a container. Take all the cubes into a freezer-safe container, and put them back in the freezer.

Step Three: Label decently

Before you freeze the container, try labeling the cover of the container. Write down the date of production. This may give you a clear idea of storing the date of the frozen orange juice.

Defrosting Frozen Orange Juice – How long does it take?

When you freeze Orange Juice, you should also know the ins and outs of when and how you will defrost them. Here I am sharing some of the options for Defrosting Frozen Orange Juice.

Defrost overnight in the fridge

Defrosting Frozen Orange JuiceDefrosting in the fridge is the secure option for thawing the frozen Orange Juice. Just simply put the container in the refrigerator. If you want to thaw the frozen orange juice, then you must wait for a long time, like 6 to 12 hours.

Thaw in mild-warm water

Mild warm water may accelerate the process of defrosting the frozen Orange Juice. Take a bowl full of Mild warm water, and then put the container in it. The water level should be a bit lower than the height of the box, or water may infiltrate into the container and destroy the Orange Juice.

Keeping it at room temperature

Put the container on a table or shelf at room temperature. This process is lengthy and may take a long time to defrost. Sometimes it takes 6-8 hours.

The health benefits of Orange Juice

Health benefits Orange juiceOrange juice is full of nutritional values, and each of the minerals it contains is beneficial for health. Freezing squeezed orange juice is more valuable to health. The health benefits of orange juice are discussed in the points below,

  • It strengthens the body’s immunity system and builds a strong shield against harmful germs, and it is filled with vitamin C, which prevents various mouth or ocular lesions.
  • Orange juice is loaded with Dietary fiber and vitamin B, Prevents cancer, and is anti-inflammatory. Flavonoids present in orange juice prevent inflammation, heart disease, and even some types of cancer.
  • Orange juice has Lower cholesterol percentages, so it keeps the healthy heart safe and secure; it also Powers up the brain. Orange juice smoothens the functioning of the cardiovascular system, reduces blood pressure, and minimizes the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • It increases the rate of nutrient absorption and Promotes glowing skin. Orange juice relieves acute constipation and Reduces digestion time. It is a tremendous source of vitamin C, so it helps to prevent Anemia.

How many calories are in 100g of orange juice?

Orange is loaded with nutrients and calories; you will be surprised to know that every 100 grams of Orange juice contain 112 calories. Orange juice is free of sodium, gluten, and cholesterol and is really beneficial to keep the heart free from stroke. The carb contents are high in Orange juice.  

Store-bought vs. freshly squeezed Orange Juice: A hot topic to answer

We start debates on which one is more consumable most of the time. Is it the Store-bought Orange Juice, or Is it the freshly squeezed Orange Juice? Let me discuss the actual scenario. Freshly squeezed Orange Juice contains more minerals and nutrients than Store-bought Orange Juice. Store-bought Orange Juice may contain different harmful chemicals and artificial food colors, which are not good for health. However, they have more taste than real freshly squeezed Orange Juice. The Pasteurization process destroys most of the Beneficial Enzymes and Other Nutrients. So my suggestion is that you should consume freshly squeezed Orange Juice instead of Store-bought Orange Juice.

What to do with frozen orange juice?

There are tons of uses for freezing orange juice. If you freeze it in the ice cube tray, you will get small ice cubes of orange juice. Apply a few cubes in smoothies, or you can use this in plain water as a flavorful ice cube. You can use these orange juice ice cubes in garnishing and dressing the food items. Some dishes need orange juice ice cubes like sauce, marinades, vinaigrette, and many baking items.

Nutrition Facts: Fresh Vs. Frozen Vs. Chilled Orange Juice

One Cup/100g Fresh Orange Juice Frozen Orange Juice Chilled Orange Juice
Calories: 112 191 110
Sugar: 8.81g 26.57 g 15.25g
Fat: 0.5g 0.25 g 0.67g
Carbs: 25.79g 48.82 g 25.05g
protein: 1.74g 2.87g 1.99g
Vitamin A: 1% 1% 1%
Vitamin C: 58% 109% 91%
Potassium: 4% 10% 10%
Calcium: 12mg 27mg 25 mg
Preservation time: 2-3 Hours 2-3 Days 8-12 Months

Concluding Notes

If you consume orange juice regularly, then there is an obvious chance of having leftovers. You can use them in cooking and making refreshing drinks. Again you have some orange juice left in your hand. Then you may be puzzled about what you should do next? The most significant method of preserving and using it in the future is simply to just freeze them and store them. But you can’t just throw them in the freezer; you must follow a strategic procedure to freeze them; otherwise, you may end up in vain. In This article, I tried to discuss all the ins and outs of freezing ice cubes of orange juice. If you follow the entire procedure, you can enjoy the orange juice for a long time. If you feel benefitted, support us by sharing the guidelines on freezing orange juice.


Is orange juice good for you?

Orange juice is loaded with different nutritious elements, but it’s important to limit your consumption because of its high sugar content. Orange juice is a prominent source of Vitamin C, and one cup (16 tablespoons) contains twice the quantity of nutrients of daily recommended value. Vitamin C supports the immune system and is effective in fighting against the acute cold.

Can you freeze peeled oranges?

First, I have to peel oranges and remove as much of the white pith as possible. Then put orange quarters in A resealable freezer bag; you should keep in mind that there is no air present In the bag, and after that, seal this with proper care. Place bags in the freezer until needed. When ready to use, remove desired orange segments from the freezer and thaw them 20–30 minutes at room temperature.

How long does fresh orange juice last in the fridge?

If you want to boost recently squeezed orange juice’s shelf life, simply refrigerate it in a covered pot or plastic container. Freshly squeezed orange juice that is consistently refrigerated will be stored for about 2 to 3 days.

How to freeze fresh-squeezed orange juice?

Yes, you can freeze the fresh orange juice without any difficulties; in fact, freezing it may increase its mean life. Separate the pulp from the orange juice and keep them in the deep freezer. By doing so, you can consume this for a long time.  

The first step is to strain the orange juice to remove the pulp. Then you have to transfer the orange juice into tiny and compact freezer-safe containers and Label the containers with the production date. If you minimize the temperature of your freezer, the juice will be fully frozen for six hours maximum. You can also preserve your fresh-squeezed orange juice in airtight containers that are freezer-safe. Mason Jars and Freezer bags are also used for the same purpose.

Can you freeze orange juice with pulp?

Yes, It is possible to freeze orange juice with pulp, but there is a warning. Freezing the orange juice with tons of pulp in it will make the pulp grainy and dry after it is being thawed. So, if you want to get the fresh, soft, sappy, and pulpy texture of orange pulp, it is wise to drink the juice before freezing it.

If this is not desirable to you, we advise that you strain out the pulp of the juice before freezing it. In this way, you will not have to handle dry and brittle pulp after thawing the juice. 

How long does fresh-squeezed orange juice last?

Store-bought orange juice that’s stored in the freezer lasts for 8-12 months. If you’ve bought freshly-squeezed orange juice or squeezed your own juice, then expect it to last 3-4 months in your freezer. Once you’ve thawed your orange juice, try to consume it within a week. To enjoy it at its best, drinking it within 2-3 days is a good idea after thawing.

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