What Could be the Best Egg Substitute in Cookies Recipes?

Many people do not like the egg’s flavor, so egg-free recipes are now highly in demand. But, the cookies are so popular, and many people like them. As a result, it is not surprising that egg substitutes for cookies are highly searched items for many people. The egg is found everywhere because many people like this. But the choices of all people are not the same. Some people like eggs so much and enjoy the taste of them. But the, others do not like it, and even some can not tolerate the smell of an egg.

So many people want to eat cookies, but they can not take this for the existence of eggs. Is it not a big problem? There is another problem with eggs. The egg is a fatty food, including five grams of fat. If a person is fatter and feels problems after having rich foods, how can he eat cookies, including eggs? So we have listed some of the best egg substitutes for cookies to solve this problem.

Why do you need a substitute for eggs in cookies?

The egg is an essential food item for our necessary daily nutrients. But, low-boiled or semi-cooked eggs can create food poisoning inside our bodies. It increases the risk of salmonella, which causes food poisoning. Poorly cooked eggs can cause vomiting or indigestion. It could be the cause of food poisoning and Stomach upset means you have to go toilet lots of time. But, the eggs in cookies are not poorly cooked; instead, they are well boiled. So, why should we look for substitutes? It is usually because the smell of the egg is not preferable to all. The replacements for the egg will give you the surety to take the delicious taste of cookies without pouring eggs into them.

How are cookies made?

A cookie is a crispy or soft food of chewy texture, like chocolate or nuts. It is used as a snack for a small break. Sometimes people take it with a cup of tea and enjoy their leisure time. Cookies are so delicious.

The ingredients for making cookies are a cup of softened butter, one cup of white sugar, one cup of packed brown sugar, two eggs, two teaspoonfuls of vanilla extract, one teaspoonful of baking soda, and other items are used to increase shape and flavor like chocolate, peanut, butter. A cookie is considered the best partner for a short break in your office time or household work.

What happens if you make cookies without eggs?

If I do not add any egg to cookies, it becomes thin breakable, and the biscuit spreads out with powder. If we do not use any eggs to make cookies, they will lose density and can not stick well. So, we should manage eggs, or if we can not get them, we have to collect egg substitutes for making cookies.

What are the best substitutes for eggs in cookies?

If you have any problem with eggs, you have many options to prepare delicious cookies without eggs. If you know alternatives, you can use them very quickly. Here are eight substitutes for eggs-

Mashed Banana

Mashed Banana as substitute for eggMashed bananas are necessary for thickening the ingredients of your cookies. They will not dry out the cookies when mashed because they are also soft and moist. The amount of the component is significant here. You have to use half of a banana for each egg to make your cookies delicious and give them enough moisture.  

Use Chia Seeds to make cookies without eggs.

Chia Seeds as substitute for egg in cookiesChia seeds are tiny, but they are so rich in many nutrients. The antioxidants, fibers, minerals, omega-3  fatty acids, and other necessary nutrients of chia seeds are adequate for our body and health. Chia seeds are effective in losing weight. This ingredient is very friendly to our hearts and saves us from various heart diseases. 

Flaxseed and water

Flaxseed alternative for egg in cookiesIf a person wants to find an egg recipe without using eggs, he will discover flaxseed and water. The combination of flaxseed and water is considered a phony egg recipe. Whenever you use these to prepare cookies, you will get the actual taste of cookies but not the lousy flavor of eggs. 

Water and Oil

Oil and water alternative for egg in cookiesAre you feeling crazy after hearing the mixing of oil and water? You do not have to think like that because it is usual now. The easiest way to replace eggs in a cookie recipe is to mix oil and water at a perfect ratio. You just need to combine a single tablespoonful of oil and two tablespoonfuls of water in your cookies. It will help you add the perfect moisture to your cookies without an egg smell.

Applesauce as a substitute for eggs

Applesauce as substitute for egg in cookiesIf you ask me what the fast replacement of eggs is, I will say that it is apple sauce. One of the most considerable conveniences of using applesauce is its neutral flavor, and it does not impede the result. The perfect way to add applesauce to your recipe instead of eggs is adding this with 14 cups for every piece of egg. The first advantage for you is to remove the terrible smell of egg and the second one is to add a beautiful scent of apple. After pouring applesauce, you can toss a tweak of baking powder and give your cookies an extra leavening slightly.

Vinegar and Baking Powder

Vinegar and Baking Powder as substitute for eggsWhen you combine vinegar and baking powder, you will get the ultimate solution of getting the fragrance of an egg in your cookies. If the flavor or the fat of an egg is unsuitable for you, the vinegar and baking powder combination will be the best option to utilize in your cookie recipe. Cake, muffins, cookies, and every item are made of vinegar and baking powder. So it will provide the exact taste of an egg without getting any odd flavor. 


Aquafaba as substitute for eggs in cookiesAquafaba is a food ingredient that is a liquid leftover from cooked chickpeas. You can utilize it as the replacement for egg in many recipes. You have to pour three tablespoons of Aquafaba instead of one egg. Then whisk it nicely and get a result to use instead of an egg. 

Xanthan Gum

Xanthan Gumb alternative for eggs in cookiesXanthan gum was not more popular at this time; especially the vegetarian people have started the vegan diet in recent years. It does not have any flavor of this. But you can make your cookie dense for the sticky nature of xanthan gum. It will be the best option if you want to use it as gluten in gluten-free foods. Xanthan gum is not gum; instead, it is a powder to thicken your dish. When you mix it with water, it becomes thick and sticky. It has a good density and similarity with the egg white. 


Cookies are a kind of delicious food item in our daily necessities. We take this every day as a bit of a snack. Your attention to getting egg-free cookies is not like getting the cookies without taste. There are many alternatives for you to increase the standard of cookies. Some of the substitutes for eggs are tasty, and others are smell-free. Each replacement has a typical character: everything is very near to hand. Use vinegar and baking powder, take flaxseed and water, use chia seeds, or go for applesauce; every option is easy to choose for you. To enjoy eating, you can taste all of the alternatives and compare the best. Applesauce can be the best preparation for making in a short duration, and water and oil can be the best for easy management. Despite this, all egg substitutes for cookies will give you comfort and enhance your cooking performance.


Is applesauce the best egg substitute for cookies?

Applesauce is a classic alternative to egg that allows you to increase the moisture of your cookies and make a perfect look and shape. It is also easy for you to use. There is no need to prepare anything; only pour the applesauce instead of eggs and prepare cookies. 

Do the egg substitutes smell like an egg?

The egg substitutes give you a wonderful smell instead of providing a scent that you can not tolerate. The vegan egg became the first mass-produced scrambled egg that offers a similar test. It includes black salt; as a result, it gives the flavor of sulfur and a similar taste to the actual egg. Egg substitutes make us feel like eating real eggs and do not give us any intolerable smell.  

Are egg substitutes suitable for our health?

The replacements of an egg are healthier because of their cholesterol-free characteristics. An egg substitute provides the same protein and nutrients on the average of an egg. It has lower cholesterol than an egg. So, an egg substitute is suitable for our health, and most of its ingredients contain the characteristics to keep us healthy. 

Do the substitutes provide us with the same feeling as an egg?

Some egg substitutes give you a taste and smell to feel an egg’s near taste. Some replacements provide a mild flavor of an egg. No problem about the flavor; every substitute is healthy and tasty to eat and very easy to prepare.

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