Comparison: Cucumber Vs Pickle- Which Satisfies Your Appetite?

There are a whole bunch of fruits and vegetables in the world. They have a variety of tastes and appearances. Some may taste sour or sweet, Some may have a really strong flavor, and some taste bland. Today, I will distinguish between one of the most common and advantageous items of them all, the Cucumber itself, and Pickles made from baby cucumbers. Cucumbers vs. pickles, at present, have become a hot topic among consumers. In this article, I will try to cover all the aspects of cucumber and its produced pickles.  

What is Cucumber?

Cucumber is a popular fruit; yes, you have heard the right thing; it is a fruit but not a vegetable. By the definition of fruit, items produced from trees or flowers with seeds inside them can be defined as fruit. Cucumber follows the same process. It is produced from small flowers near the soil or around the supporting frames high from the ground. The shape of this is quite cylindrical and elongated, looking more or less like a sturdy pipe. The taste of this fruit is watery and juicy as it contains almost 90% of water in it. Cucumbers are eaten directly as fruit. Also, you can make a variety of food items from this. All in all, this fruit is really cheap and beneficial to health. 

What are the pickles?

Pickles are generally the transformed state of the green cucumber. Pickles have been used as a tremendous dressing and stuffing item for a very long time. Nothing fancy pickles are the preserved baby cucumbers which taste a bit sour and salty. Pickles can be used in large mutton and chicken tenderloin or breast recipies as a stuffing. This can be preserved for a long time and can be served with lots of food items.  

What are the health benefits of cucumber?

Cucumbers are full of minerals and vitamins. As cucumbers have almost 90% watery elements in them, you may always be hydrated if you regularly consume this item. Let us have a closer look into the predispositions of this wonderful Cucumber. health benefits of cucumber

Good source of sodium and glucose content

Cucumbers are solid storage of sodium and sugar contents. Consuming the cucumbers may stabilize the sugar content in your body, and the sodium content has many advantages to the body; they are discussed below.  

  • Regulates the fluid level of the body
  • It gives you sheer protection from sunstroke
  • It gives you consolation from muscle cramps and decreases the carbon dioxide level in your body. 
  • Sodium facilitates the absorption of glucose into the body
  • It keeps the balance between the acid-base components 
  • It governs the blood pressure of the body and keeps your body ions balanced 

Loaded with Vitamin A and Vitamin K

Vitamin A and K are two important elements of the body. They keep the bone density high and maintain a balance between the body’s blood cells. 

Filled with protein, fibers, and calories

Though cucumbers are not a large protein source, they only give you 0.3 grams of protein per serving. On the other hand, cucumber is loaded with fiber that lowers the extra cholesterol in the blood and keeps you free from constipation. 

Decent source of carbohydrates

In simple language, carbohydrates are the main source of energy in your body. Doctors suggest that you should consume 225 grams to 325 grams of carbohydrates in your daily food calorie consumption. If you don’t know, let me introduce you to the fact that cucumbers are an ideal source of carbohydrates. In a cup of peeled cucumber, you can get almost 3.8 grams of carbohydrates which fulfills some portions of your daily needs.  

It contains the minimum amount of fat. 

Nowadays, the most harassing fact is acute obesity. Nobody wants to look too fatty and obese, making them uncomfortable adjusting to this modern world. You can keep away from this grim and dire obesity if you consume cucumbers regularly. As for your convenience, a standard size cucumber contains only 0.2 grams of fat which is very low compared to other fruits. So my proposal is that if you want to decrease obesity take some slices of cucumbers on a regular basis.

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Prevents acute constipation

Cucumber contains some minerals that prevent acute constipation. If you include cucumber in your daily meal, you may relieve yourself from this constipation. It also makes sure that your bowel movement is smooth and clean. The bowel movement is the very last stage of movement of the food through the digestive tract. It cleans the path of passing stool, which prevents the process of constipation. To ensure you are free from constipation, always try to add high fiber foods like green beans, grain cereals, fresh vegetables, plenty of water, and cucumber.

Loaded with watery elements 

As mentioned earlier, this fruit is formed with almost 90% of watery elements. So consuming this item may keep you hydrated always. Sometimes, it becomes almost impossible to consume water at its optimum level in busy modern life. This may cause dehydration and make you feel dizzy all the time. By consuming the cucumber, you always remain fresh and cool. It is really important that the water quantity in our body remains up to the required level. Also, always try to consume at least one or two pieces of cucumber in your daily diet routine. You may feel the difference within a few days in the long run. Cucumbers also help to lose extra body weight. It has low calories, but the quantity of minerals and vitamins it contains is really worth mentioning.

 Keeps your heart Evergreen

Cucumber is naturally good storage of fibers and potassium. Fibers keep the cholesterol level down and increase the satiety of the heart blood, and potassium decreases the blood pressure level. Cucumber also possesses folate and vitamin B essential, which develops the blood flow throughout the body and reduces the chance of benefits of cucumber

Health benefits of pickles

Pickles contain some extraordinary qualities that improve the condition of health. Pickles are enriched with vitamin C, which is a phenomenal component in repairing and developing body tissues. It also strengthens the body’s immune system; it is used to treat cancer and is loaded with antioxidants, which are good for the eyes. Fermented pickles are really helpful for aiding chronic related diseases. Pickle juice holds a large amount of sodium that is beneficial for menstrual health. The summary is that fermented pickles contain more nutrients than raw cucumber.

Pickle vs Cucumber: What are the prime differences between them?

Though all cucumbers are pickles, not all pickles are cucumbers. There are slightly some dissimilarities between these two, and the main one is the type of their consumption. Cucumbers are consumed in a raw and fresh state, but pickles are processed with salt and vinegar then it is consumed.

What is the process of eating?

The cucumber is a green and edible fruit that can be consumed directly. It has a watery and earthy low flavor. It contains a lot of minerals and aquatic elements, making it a perfect item to maintain a balanced diet and control the cholesterol in your body. 

On the other hand, pickles are processed and preserved for a long time. It can be preserved with brine or vinegar. For this, it tastes a little bit sour, and it has a lot of nutrients in it as bacteria and microorganisms have fermented it. All the cucumbers are pickles, but not all the pickles are cucumbers. It means that pickles can be made from other fruits and vegetables too.

Which one is more nutritious, cucumber or pickles?

Certainly, pickles have more nutrition than cucumbers. Pickle juice contains a lot of sodium, so some people prefer to drink it after hard gym work. The raw cucumber has lower calories and fibers than the pickles. The fermentation process adds more bacteria which helps the digestive system to work more efficiently. nutritious between pickles and cucumber

Difference in pricing

Price is always a salient factor for any element or product. If we compare the price between these two, then certainly pickles are more expensive than cucumbers. The main reason for this is that cucumbers can be consumed directly in their raw state, but before eating the pickles, you need to follow many steps. You have to cut the baby cucumber into uniform slices and plunge them into the brine or vinegar. You can add some herbs and spices to it to give it a more interesting flavor. The summary is you can find cucumbers easily, but it is not that easy to get pickles. You have to spend extra money on that.   

How to make cucumber pickles at home?

There are two ways to make pickles from cucumbers. Let us see those processes so that you can make that in your home kitchen.

By using vinegar

Vinegar is a synthetically made preservative for making pickles. Making pickles is easy by using vinegar. It creates crispy and juicy pickles within hours. Vinegar is a highly acidic liquid that kills all potential germs and microorganisms in the pickle bottle. There are different types of vinegar obtainable in the market. But you should use white vinegar as it won’t change the color and texture of the pickles, and it is ideal as a decent preservative.

By using brine

It is a natural type of process to preserve the pickles. You need only salt and water to make brine. Then gently put the sliced cucumbers in that brine. The fermentation process will start, and it will remove all the sugar and microorganism in the fruit and keep it garden-fresh for a long period of time.  

Final Thoughts

In this article, I have discussed different aspects of cucumbers and pickles. Cucumber can be consumed fresh and direct. But pickles are fermented and have very high sodium contents. Keeping it in the bottle may increase its sugar level. Pickles are used in the stuffings of many dishes, dressing, and preparing many junk foods like sandwiches, pizzas, and burgers. Sometimes they are consumed as a sweet. But cucumbers are used in fresh salads, making different food items, and many more. I hope you can be benefitted from this Cucumber vs. Pickle comparison article and use this foody knowledge to make different recipes.


Is the cucumber a fruit or a vegetable?

Sadly a cucumber is not a vegetable. Rather it is a fruit. Cucumbers are produced from flowers and have seeds inside them. So it is categorized as a fruit.

What is Gherkin?

Gherkins are very small in size, which is ideal for making the pickles. It keeps the pickles fit in the jar, and the size is ideal for preparing pickles. These are sometimes called the cornichons.

Is it bad to eat pickles every day?

Pickles have an intense taste. They possess a good amount of sodium content which is good for health. But it has a dark side also. It contains too much salt, sugar, and spices, and all of them are in a fermented state. So if you daily consume too many pickles, it may cause you heartburn, may increase your diabetes, or may increase your blood pressure. So it is wise to consume it in a calculative way.

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