12 Healthy Substitutes: What Can You Use Instead of Coconut Flour?

Coconut is a very famous tropical fruit. It is mainly renowned for its oil and pulp. But nowadays, you all know about coconut flour. It is a plant-based flour that is famous for its taste. Everyone loves this munchy taste. Nowadays, most people are health conscious, so they want a gluten-free diet. Coconut flour is the best choice for them because it is gluten-free and beneficial for their health. But sometimes, it’s tough to find in the market, and the price is far higher than regular flour. You can find many types of flour substitutes, such as coconut flour. Don’t know about them? Here we look at all possible substitutions of flour, which you can use to make a delicious food instead of this coconut flour.

List of substitutes for coconut flour:

  • Whole wheat flour,
  • Almond flour,
  • Hazelnut flour,
  • Flex meal,
  • Chickpea flour,
  • Cassava flour,
  • Sunflower seed flour,
  • Rice flour,
  • Soy flour,
  • Cashew flour,
  • Potato flour,
  • Oat flour etc.

What is coconut flour?

Coconut flour is a fine powder of pulp. This coconut pulp is very famous for its oil and is directly used in many more dishes. You also know about coconut milk, and it’s vibrant and creamy. We are talking about coconut flour which is healthy and very easy to make. This flour is full of high fiber and gluten-free, and every health-conscious person loves it in the baking section. One cup of coconut flour contains 120 calories,18 gm carbs, and 12 gm of fiber.

How to make coconut flour at home?

The making process of coconut flour is straightforward. First, you need to collect coconut pulp from its hard shell. After that, line up those pulp in parchment paper in a baking tray and bake it till it doesn’t dry totally. Then make that dried coconut and grind it in a blender or food processor for 2-3 minutes. After that, you get a fine powder of that coconut meat. And that’s your coconut flour, fresh and ready to cook.

Why do you need a substitution of coconut flour?

Coconut flour is mainly paleo, gluten, and grain-free. If you are in your keto and craving some dessert, you can use this flour freely, especially in baking items like cookies, muffins, cakes, bread, etc. But there are many reasons to switch to this coconut flour. Like:

  • Unavailable in the market,Coconut sugar substitute
  • Out of budget,
  • Allergic to coconut,
  • Extra extreme flavor,
  • Highly salicylates etc.

What are the natural substitutes for coconut sugar?

You can find plenty of flour perfect substitutions for this coconut flour. And also their uses and other nutritious, Like:

  • Whole-Wheat flour:  This is the most used and common type of flour. This is perfect for any baking item. And suppose you are aware of your good health. In that case, multigrain is the best because fiber is also an essential part of this flour and helps grow our metabolism. In one cup or 500 gm, whole wheat flour contains 408 calories,16 gm of fibers,86 gm of carbohydrate,16 gm protein, and 3 gm of fat. Many people avoid this flour because it has gluten, which is unhealthy.
  • Almond flour: This flour is mainly used in any baking item now. Because it works just like actual usual flour, this flour is also famous for its rich flavor. This ground is a fine powder of almonds, and it is very nutritious. This gluten-free flour has 160 calories,10 gm carbs, and only 2 gm fiber in one cup.
  • Hazelnut flour: This is also nut flour. So the process of making it is just like a coconut one. You can easily buy it from any grocery store, but it’s pretty expensive and sometimes rare. Almond flour is also a very rich flour because, in one cup, it contains 719 calories. And also 60gm fat,16 gm protein, and 12 gm fiber in this quantity.
  • Flax Meal: Flax seeds are very famous for boosting your metabolism. This high fiber flour is also now very popular in the market. This flex meal is a refined flour to find less fiber from coconut. But it’s easily mixed with any recipe. So that you can easily use this flex meal instead of coconut, you can find 55 calories 28 gm fiber in only 10gm flex flour.
  • Chickpea flour: If you want protein with your baking item, then chickpea is a perfect choice for you. This flour is also well known as garbanzo flour. This flour is used in baking things. You also use it for any dish. This chickpea is famous for hummus. In one cup of this flour, you get the highest protein level, 50.6gm, with 356.7 kcal energy. This meal is a very famous flour in the market, and you can quickly find it in the grocery store. Or if you want to make them on your own. Then take dried chickpea, put it in a high-power blender or food processor, grind it till you don’t get the fine powder of this whole thing, and here it is your expected flour.
  • Cassava Flour(Tapioca flour): this flour is mainly well known for boba coffee. It’s the main ingredient of boba pearls. But it’s also suitable as a substitute for coconut flour. This flour is a little sweet in taste and very soft in texture. This flour mainly came from the root of a tropical plant named cassava or yuca. This gluten-free flour has its natural flavor, which is suitable for some recipes.
  • Sunflower seed flour: you are familiar with sunflower seed for tons of nutrition. And yes, you can also use it for baking. This flour is very light and has an excellent flavor. This flour does not have so much protein, but it is easily mixed with other flavors. It’s a great vitamin B and E source, gluten-free.
  • Rice flour: Rice flour is mainly well known for easy digestion. There are two types of rice flour available in the market, white and brown rice flour. The main difference between these two types of flour is that brown has a nutty flavor. But the white one is just like tapioca flour. This flour is used widely in baking and also frying. Not only cooking, but this flour is also famous for giving flawless skin when you use it in your skin. It has more fiber and less protein.
  • Soy flour: Soyabean is the main ingredient of this flour. It’s a fine powder of roasted soya. This soy flour is full of proteins. That’s why it is very famous among vegan people. This soy flour is used to fulfill its protein section—this soya flour texture is just like coconut flour, but it’s heavy, just like an almond. So you can get both flour flavors in one kind. It’s an excellent substitute for coconut flour.
  • Cashew Flour: If you search for rich flour, cashew is perfect for you. Because it has a rich nutty flavor, it has the same texture as coconut flour. On the other hand, it is also easy to make. You can easily make it to your home. Just add a pinch of sugar so that it doesn’t make cashew butter. Cashew flour is also keto-friendly, so you can easily use this in a limited number.
  • Potato Flour: Potato flour is also famous nowadays for its nutrition. This light texture flour contains tons of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fiber. So you can use this flour instead of coconut flour in some recipes. But the main disadvantage of this flour is the strong flavor of the potato. 
  • Oat flour: oke, you must be popular with oats if you are a keto lover. This multi-fiber grain is perfect for health. And yes, you can make oat flour easily at home. Toss it on for ten grinds in fine powder in your grinder for some time. Then you have your homemade oat flour. This flour is a good substitution for coconut flour.

Bottom Line

In the end, we found many substitutes for coconut flour. And yes, all are special in any way. But you need to keep in mind that every substitution has a different taste and flavor. So don’t think you can find the exact taste from this different type of flour, just like coconut. Though it contains gluten, I like to use whole wheat flour because it is perfect for every recipe. But you can choose your own based on our listed coconut flour alternatives.


  • Can I use Arrowroot flour instead of coconut flour?

Yes. This flour is not the best option as coconut flour because it has its flavor and is sweet. But you can use this flour because it is also full of grain and gluten-free.

  • Is flex meal flavorless?

No. a flex meal is a nutty solid flavor.

  • Can self-rising flour be better than coconut flour?

No. self-rising flour is not a good option if you are a health freak because this flour contains low grain and also lots of gluten. That’s why you can use coconut flour rather than self-rising flour, and it is healthy.

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