Can You Keep Bananas in the Refrigerator?- Expert Storing Tips

Bananas are one of the most familiar and popular fruits in the market. Every year, almost 100 billion bananas are consumed all over the world. Bananas are a common source of potassium as well as this fruit is cheaper than any other fruit on the market. But there is a concerning matter that this fruit doesn’t last long. It starts to get rotten within a week, so storing this fruit in an efficient way is mandatory. We find two types of bananas in the market: ripen bananas and green bananas. Though the green one remains fresh and consumable for almost a week, the ripened one cannot be preserved for a long time. After conducting long research, I am going to describe how bananas can be efficiently preserved in a refrigerator. So let’s get the thing started.

How long can you keep bananas in the fridge?

If you properly refrigerate the bananas, they may last longer than a week. As I have broached earlier, there are two kinds of bananas. Greens can directly be stored in a freezer, but the ripe ones should be packed in a proper way to get them fresh and consumable. You keep bananas in a freeze in order to keep them unrotten. Keeping a banana in freeze doesn’t change the vitamins and minerals inside the banana. So follow the process to store the bananas in a freeze to keep them fresh. I will discuss some storing methods later in the discussion. Read the whole article till the end to know the process. 


Predispositions of Bananas

Before starting the discussion, let us have a keen look at why bananas are so beneficial to health? Bananas contain a huge amount of potassium and so many other vitamins and minerals. Doctors have been suggesting consuming bananas regularly. It may protect you from lots of diseases. Let us have a look at how bananas keep us healthy and safe,

Banana minimizes the chance of high blood pressure, and it keeps the blood cells circulating. Throughout the body, it prevents the clotting of the blood cells, which allows the blood flow in a normalized way. It contains a lot of potassium that is very useful to our body. It decreases the chance of heart stroke and any sort of heart failure.

Health benefits of banana

Bananas are full of vitamin C, preventing ocular legion and keeping your gums and teeth strong. This also keeps your skin smooth and free from warts. Bananas are full of fibers and minerals, and it helps to reduce body weight. The lower the weight, the more you feel better and relaxed, as being overweight is the root of all harsh diseases. Many people have an acute gastric problem; They can regularly try a banana. It will alleviate this gastric and heart-burning problem.      

What are the considerations before buying healthy bananas?

There are a bunch of aspects that have to be considered when buying bananas. Bananas are extremely common and a popular fruit that you can find almost anywhere. But due to the packing and conveying system, it may be damaged. When you are to buy bananas, try these important aspects,

Always buy those bananas which look smooth and yellowish, with no black dots on the body of the bananas. Sometimes dishonest merchants use harmful chemicals to keep bananas unrotten and green. Always avoid these bananas as they are extremely harmful to the body and the formalities used on those bananas cause tissue damage and stomach cramping. I give you a simple tip: I always try to buy bananas from the local market as they are fresh and directly sold to the customers from the garden. Try to buy those items which are wrapped decently.           

The normal lifespan of bananas

We have seen that we have two types of bananas. The shelf life of the ripening bananas is about one to two days, which means that you must store the ripened banana somehow, or they will be rotten if you are not eating this right now. You can keep green bananas without any safety for about two to five days. The green bananas should not be put into the refrigerator as the low temperature prevents them from ripening. There is a chance that it will never be ripe in the fridge.

how long do bananas last at room temperature

How to store bananas without freezing them?

If you are not putting it in the fridge, you have to follow some of the tricks to preserve your bananas. Some excellent products that can keep the bananas fresh are discussed below for your convenience,

Use Bamboo Banana Hangerbamboo banana hanger

Keep the bananas fresh and delicious by hanging them on the banana hanger. This product may keep the banana garden fresh and prevent it from getting brown. Let us see the specifications of this product named “Bamboo Stand With Stainless Steel Hook.”

You can keep the bananas on the hanging stand, which gives it a raw flavor, and guess what, you can find this product spending only around twenty dollars. The dimension of the stand is about 7 inches by 7 inches by 11 inches. It is ultralightweight and is only 12 ounces. This fully bamboo-made hanger hangs bananas and a bunch of grapes, vegetables, or even small accessories.     

Cute Carrier Storage Box For Bananasbanana storage box

Let me bring to you one of the exciting products for storing bananas. The features of this product,

  • This banana keeper pot looks like a tiffin box, which fits into your child’s backpack. 
  • The look and design are like a real banana, and the yellowish color attracts children.
  • The box is made of BPA-free plastic, a solid substance with a durable life span.
  • It can be used as a small tiffin box where you can put small bars, biscuits, nuts, and grapes.
  • It is super cheap and cost only around ten dollars.  
  • This is safe for freezing, lightweight and dishwasher safe
  • A perfect small carrying box for traveling, trekking, and school.  

How to identify if a banana gets rotten?

How will you identify if the bananas got rotten? You can find this by checking some of the aspects. Look, texture and smell are some of those aspects. If the bananas turn brownish or light-dark, it has started to decay. Usually, the texture of the banana is smooth and clean. If you feel that it is growing dark and mushy, it probably can’t be consumed anymore. The smell is a factor by which you can identify if the banana is rotten or not. Generally, fresh banana is really aromatic. But if it starts to smell like a sour or musty odor, it is time to throw them into the dustbin. 

Methods of Storing Bananas in the Refrigerator- Easy Hacks

If you want to store the bananas in the refrigerator, then you have to follow some steps and rules. You have to choose different methods to store ripened and green bananas.

Storing ripened/yellow bananas in the refrigerator

You can store ripened bananas in two different ways. If you peel the bananas, you can cut them into small pieces and store them in an air-tight container, but If you want to store unpeeled bananas. how to store ripe bananas

First, take some durable kitchen poly. And then wrap the stems of the banana and then wrap the bunches of the banana. These will prevent the parts of the bananas from getting oxidized by air and remain banana fresh for at least one week.

Green bananas stored in the refrigerator

It is really easy to store green bananas, but you can not put them in the freezer as the cold temperature will prevent them from ripening. So hang them with a banana hanger. I have discussed the product earlier. Or another way is just simply to put bananas in a paper bag or fruit bowl. As soon as the fruit starts to ripe, put them into freeze by following the guidelines given earlier. how to store green bananas

Things you must avoid when storing bananas in a fridge

There are some aspects to consider that can not be done after buying bananas. These factors must be avoided at any cost. The factors are,

  • Never wrap the bananas in a regular plastic bag. Keeping them in the plastic bag accelerates the process of ripening. If the fruit gets too ripened, it will produce a foul odor and become unsuitable to consume. 
  • Never store bananas in a tight space or any other container. This makes the bananas musty, and the overall gesture will be hampered.  
  • Remember that never put your bananas beside any other fruit that helps it become more ripen. Some fruits like apples, avocados, and grapes insert the process of ripening if they are put aside from bananas.

Final Thoughts

Banana is a putrescent item, so it is wise to reserve them in the freeze. Storing it in the freeze slows down the ripening process and keeps it fresh for a week. But make sure that you do not over refrigerate the item, as these won’t be last long forever. So are you confident now buying a bunch of bananas and storing them in a freezer? I guess after reading the guidelines, and you have already learned how to make bananas last longer.


Why shouldn’t you put bananas in the fridge?

You can store ripe bananas in a freeze. Just cut them into pieces, slices, and just freeze them. But bananas usually grow in hot weather conditions. If you store a green banana in the freeze, then it might not ripen as the enzymes prevent the process. So you shouldn’t freeze bananas that are green. Ripen bananas can be stored for almost six months, and green bananas can be stored for at least six months.

Can I refrigerate peeled bananas?

Yes, in fact, storing peeled ananas is easier than unpeeled ones. Peel the banana into slices and store them in a preventive air container. This will keep the bananas secured for at least one week.

What factors must be considered before buying bananas?

Bananas are one of the most available fruits in the world. You can find it in almost every part of the world. When buying a banana, you should keep in mind that it looks fresh and smooth and smells really good; always avoid buying the dark-spotted, musty smell and rotten bananas.

Other Freezing Tips:

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