What are the Best Substitutes for Caster Sugar?- 9 Alternatives

You may like to taste sweet desserts or homemade cakes. But do you know about the main ingredients that the dessert is made of? I bet you never ever had thought so much while eating those. But in case someday you have to make that item, you need to know about the ingredients. One of the most common ingredients that have been used in baking is Caster sugar. Suppose someday you have guests in your home and you don’t have caster sugar with you, then what should you do? Then you need an alternative to that caster sugar. In this article, I will discuss some ultimate substitutes for caster sugar that may save the day for you, and I will try to clarify all your questions with a detailed brief. So let things get started.

What is Caster Sugar?

Caster sugar is a kind of fine granulated sugar that can be classified between regular granular sugar and confectioners sugar. The particulates of this sugar are too small and crystal; this sugar can be named fine refined sugar in some areas. You can find two types of sugar in the market: white and golden caster sugar. The golden caster sugar looks very granular and may contain some amount of molasses. On the contrary, white caster sugars are a more refined form of caster sugar. This sugar is used to prepare light and airy desserts as the particles are too finer, allowing it to dissolve nicely in the recipe. 

Different Types of Caster Sugar

White Caster Sugar

This type of caster sugar is used to make soft dessert items, beverages, and cookies. This is usually produced from refined sugar cane and the beet of sugar. This is white in color, so it doesn’t change the color and texture of the recipes.  

difference between white caster sugar and goldenGolden Caster Sugar

This type of caster sugar is made from unrefined sugar containing a lot of molasses in it. That’s why it looks browner and caramelized in color. Generally, it changes the color of the dishes, so it cannot be used in all sweet items. You can use this type of sugar when making caramelized baked custard and pudding.      

Caster Sugar Substitutes: An Ultimate Guide to Finish Your Recipes

Substitutes are not always a better option. You should only pick this whenever you are in need of that product. Recipes flourish their taste whenever you use the real ingredients, not the substitute. But in the worst circumstance, when you have guests in your home or the supermarket is miles away from your residence, there is no other way but to choose the substitute. Then using this substitute can make your recipe perfect. 

There are a lot of substitutes for caster sugar. Let us have a closer look into the possible substitutes for the Caster sugar.    

Granulated Sugar

This type of sugar is the most common among all types of sugars. This sugar is called regular sugar or table sugar. This is an all-purpose sugar. You can transform this type of sugar into any type of sugar, and it can serve you the most. It is mostly used in beverages, in making sweet pies, desserts, bread, cookies, and so on. Remember that you can make anything of it except those airy and smooth items like cakes, soufflés, brownies, and many more.   

Artificial SweetenersArtificial Sweetener

These are usually not available in the market. You have to convert the substance into a thin substance or have to convert it somehow. I will not recommend this to use as this is rare to find; the artificial sweeteners may add an extra kinky flavor which may not be preferable to all.

Raw brown sugar

raw sugarThis sugar has a dark brown color and coarse texture as it contains a good amount of molasses. It is one kind of raw sugar that changes the color and texture of the final product. So you can use only those items which have a trivial amount of sweet. However, it doesn’t change the taste of the item.  

Maple syrup

It is a kind of thick and flavourful liquid substance used to sweeten the food as this is found in liquid form, so you have to be wise while using maple syrup. You can only use this syrup in pies, puddings, pastries, and fluffy sweet dishes. Maple syrup contains too much sweetness, so while using this, you have to be wise enough as overuse of this may ruin the taste of the food.maple syrup health benefit

Muscovado sugar

Though this type of sugar is not popular in the market and is really costly, it can be used as a substitute for caster sugar. This sugar is derived from avocados, so it possesses a heavy dark color, and in which food it has been added, it looks deep. Adding this to the food makes a bitter change in the taste of that food. So if you want to use this, make sure that you know the right quantity.

Powdered Sugar

Powdered sugar is nothing but the normal sugar that has been crushed. This can also be converted into icing sugar or confectioners sugar. You can use this for baking purposes; This adds fluffiness to the food. Powdered sugar can be dissolved easily in tea or coffee, so you do not need the extra heat to dissolve in the beverage.

Honey and Corn Syrup

Honey is one of the most useful products, which is really beneficial to the body. The doctors suggest taking one or two spoons of honey every day; it prevents us from coughing and cold and makes our skin smooth. 

Honey can be used as a perfect substitute for caster sugar. However, honey can make the foods even more sticky and chewy and add a special texture. It knows that you are using pure honey; otherwise, your food may not taste good, and quality may decrease.honey or corn syrup

You may wonder how corn syrup can be a substitute for caster sugar. Yes, it is possible to use corn syrup as the substitute for caster sugar. But you can use this syrup in making pies and pastries. As it has a liquid consistency, it can be easily assimilated into the food and increase the taste and texture of the item.    

Coconut sugar

This is one of the most special types of sugar that you can use in your baking. As this is derived from coconut, it adds a mild coconut flavor to your items, which you can not find in any kind of sugar. Coconut sugar is not that sweet, so you can use this in a huge sum with respect to caster sugar. 

Demerara sugar

This kind of sugar looks deep brown and melts faster than caster sugar. Adding this sugar to food may distort the real color of the item. However, the taste will not differ much as both are almost the same kind of sugar.    

The process of making Caster Sugar at Home

The process is really simple, and you can easily make this caster sugar at home. You just have to own a blender or a coffee grinder. Just measure how much caster sugar you need, and then keep the work going. 

Caster Sugar From Granulated Sugar

Take a simple measuring cup and measure the granulated sugar and how much you need for your recipe. Then take a strong and sturdy coffee grinder and put the granulated sugar in it. Then start the grinding process and grind until the sugar turns into fine particles. Take some time to settle down the substance; otherwise, the particles may harm your eyes and breathing. Then take a sieve and pour the ground substance in the sieve that will keep the big particles separate. This will protect the recipe from being spoiled. So if you have regular sugar in your home, then no worries. You can easily transform this into caster sugar and use that as your item.how to make caster sugar without blender

Final Verdict 

This fact is really important that you choose the right sweetener ingredient in your dessert; otherwise, the overall taste and looks will be distorted from their normal appearance. So be wise in choosing your substitute for caster sugar. I suggest that before applying a substitute, I suggest that check the review of that item and how they taste after applying it to the food. As I mentioned, some of the sugars are mild, and some are too strong. So before applying these sugars, check out the quantity and the measurements. Use a pure and perfect measurement cup to purely distinguish the quantity. I hope that this article may benefit you in choosing a substitute for caster sugar. Make delicious desserts and meals using this sugar and serve this to your family and enjoy.     


What is caster sugar made of?

Nothing fancy; most of the sugar is produced from sugar cane. The main specialty is that the particles are very fine, so it is called fine sugar, baking sugar, or super-fine sugar. Caster sugar increases the fluffiness and delicacy of cakes and puddings. As this sugar is a fine granular sugar, you can use this in beverages like tea or coffee, and guess what? You do not need to provide extra heat to it.     

Which sugar is best for baking cakes?

Look, almost all types are sugar suitable for baking cakes. But all types of sugars may not be available when you need them. But, granulated sugar is available in almost everybody’s home or kitchen. So, in my opinion, this regular granulated sugar can be more effective in baking or making puddings as they are available all the time. In case you need caster sugar gently, just grind this mildly, and you will get it.  

Can I take over caster sugar with icing sugar?

Certainly, the answer is yes. Caster sugar is mainly a substance that is ground to the consistency between granulated and powdered sugar in respect to coarseness. On the other hand, icing sugar is made by grinding it to the utmost level until it becomes a very fine powder. Though there are some dissimilarities in their uses, you can use Icing sugar to dust over desserts bakery items and prepare cakes. Caster sugar is used to make meringues, souffle, cookies, cakes, and pudding.

Does freezing caster sugar go bad? 

If you can preserve the icing sugar properly, no doubt that it may last long, at least one year. Keep the sugar in a sealed bag or container. Make sure that it is away from moisture and dumpy areas. If you see molds or pests in the sugar, just throw it in a bin. 

Can you use normal sugar instead of caster sugar?

After researching caster sugar, I found some interesting facts. One of the most shocking observations is that you can use normal sugar instead of caster sugar as they won’t have that many dissimilarities; the main difference is between the size of the grains. Normal sugar has somehow a bit larger grain than caster sugar, But don’t worry. There is a solution. Just heat up the normal sugar after mixing it with the recipe. Heating the recipe will melt the granulated sugar grain. This may serve the actual purpose of using normal sugar instead of caster sugar.

Is it very difficult to prepare caster sugar by yourself?

Making caster sugar is a very common and easy process. Put the normal granulated sugar in the coffee grinder and gently grind it for a few seconds. Then pour it into a sieve so that the large particles may get stuck in the sieve, and you may find pure caster sugar, Keep In mind that it does not grind for a long time, or it will be turned into icing sugar.  

Other Substitutes You Must Try:

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