Some easy substitutes for sesame oil for perfect flavor

Do you love the nutty flavor of sesame oil? But you can’t take it because of your allergies? Yes, there are plenty of substitutes for sesame oil on the market. And some of them give you the exact flavor you want. Sesame oil is very popular in Chinese cuisine, in salad dressings, noodles, etc. This oil contains omega 3, which is good for your health. But when you can’t take it directly, you need some substitute. We suggest ten different oils so that you can choose your preference.

10 Alternatives to Sesame Oil Substitutes:

  1. Perilla Oil,
  2. Olive oil,
  3. Canola Oil,
  4. Sunflower Oil,
  5. Coconut Oil,
  6. Walnut Oil,
  7. Grapeseed Oil,
  8. Avocado Oil,
  9. Peanut Oil,
  10. Tahini.

What is sesame oil?

Sesame oil is earlier well-known plant-based oil. This oil is vegetable oil from a tiny seed called sesame. There are two types of sesame oil.

  • Regular sesame oil: This Oil is produced from the raw seed of sesame. Some use the cold-pressed method to extract oil from the source. The smoke point is shallow. That’s why it is primarily used in mild frying or roasting.
  • Toasted Sesame oil: I think you got the process of this oil from its name. Yes, this oil is made from toasted sesame seeds. Toasting the grain helps to enhance the nutty flavor. This oil gives a unique flavor to a salad or dressing food. The smoke point of the toasted one is lower than regular sesame oil. That’s why you can use it to deep fry any food. That’ll make the food bitter.

Health benefits of sesame oil

Health benefits of sesame oilSesame oil is famous in any cuisine not for its unique nutty flavor and it is also very healthy. Like:

  • It contains high antioxidants,
  • Full of omega-6 fatty acid, it’s good for the heart.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation.
  • Low cholesterol.
  • It has vitamin K and Phytosterols.
  • Suitable for a dental problem,
  • Beneficial for skin and also hair.
  • Prevent anemia and also improve eyesight, etc.

Why do you need a Substitute for Sesame Oil?

This oil is very nutritious, but it also has some disadvantages. Like:

  • Allergies: The most common side effects of this sesame oil are allergies. Anaphylaxis is the most common of that. It causes trouble breathing. If it’s serious, then it also causes cardiac arrest.
  • Not suitable for diabetic patients: Sesame oil is perfect for lowering your body’s glucose. That’s why it is not recommended for any diabetic patient. Because if you don’t take a limited amount of sesame oil, it can lower your body’s glucose from the normal stage.
  • Pain in the appendix: Sesame oil contains high fiber. Sometimes that causes pain in the appendix.
  • Gain Weight: This Oil is very rich in nutrition. That’s why if you consume it daily, it may slow down your daily digestion system. That’s why you can gain weight.

What are the best substitutes for sesame oil?

There are plenty of options you find in the market as a sesame oil substitute. But no oil can give the exact taste or flavor, just like sesame oil. Some can provide you similar flavor, and some can give you the taste. It’s sort of tough to find the perfect one—that’s why You need to know which one gives you the most familiar flavor. 

  • Perilla oil: I know it sounds new to some of you, and it’s tough to find in our state. But, in Chinese and Korean cuisine, it is a popular replacement for sesame oil. Because this oil is also from toasted perilla seed, this is one of the wealthiest omega fat oil. That is why perilla is suitable for high blood pressure. This oil also gives almost the same taste and flavor because of the tasting process. The health nutrition is also similar to each other. That is why this oil is an excellent substitute for toasted sesame oil.Perilla oil as substitute for sesame oil
  • Olive Oil: This oil is a must in any kitchen because it’s a must for any Italian recipe. The consistency, color, and flavor of olive oil are similar to regular light sesame oil. It is very nutritious because it contains polyphenol antioxidants and omega fatty acids suitable for high blood pressure. This oil is also diet-friendly. That’s why you can easily replace the sesame oil with olive in the same quantity. Olive Oil as substitute for sesame oil
  • Canola Oil: The neutral flavor of canola oil makes it a perfect replacement for light sesame oil. It has omega-6 fatty acid, which is good for your heart. The heating temperature is also the same as a sesame seed. But try to get a cold press one because heated and refined canola oil is nothing more than unhealthy oil.Canola Oil as alternative for sesame oil
  • Coconut Oil: If you don’t want any strong flavor in your meal but need a sesame substitute, go with coconut oil. This oil is one of the most common oils in every kitchen. It has a mild coconut flavor, but regular sesame oil gets a good cover. This plant-based oil is also perfect for health. So you can easily switch the position of the same as coconut oil.Coconut Oil as substitute for sesame oil
  • Sunflower Oil: This Oil comes from pressed sunflower seeds. Its distinctive flavor makes it the perfect replacement for sesame oil. The heating temperature is also very high, so you can easily use this for deep frying. It contains 80% monounsaturated fat that promotes your heart health. It gives a beautiful glow to your body and boosts your energy. You can replace regular sesame oil with sunflower oil for its mild flavor, which is easy to get at any grocery store.Sunflower Oil as alternative for Sesame Oil
  • Walnut oil: From the name, you get an idea about the nutty flavor of walnut oil. Yes, you can use it instead of sesame oil. This oil is good for controlling blood sugar, decreasing inflammation, glowing your skin, improving cholesterol levels, etc. But don’t use it for cooking; it may taste not very pleasant. This oil is a perfect substitute for salad dressing.Walnut oil as substitute for sesame oil
  • Grapeseed oil: This premium quality oil is famous for its neutral taste and versatile flavor. It’s a perfect substitute for sesame oil, and its heating temperature is high. That is why you can easily use it for baking or frying, and this oil is full of vitamins and fatty acids. Grapeseed oil as alternative for Sesame Oil
  • Avocado Oil: This Oil is not perfect for flavor, but if you need a rich texture in your dish, just like sesame oil did, go for avocado oil. Because it gives a very silky and rich texture to any food, it is highly temperate, allowing you to use it in frying or baking. This oil is also perfect for your health because it is full of antioxidants. It also improves heart condition and also enhances eye health. But it’s kind of hard to find in the local market.Avocado Oil as alternative for sesame oil
  • Peanut Oil: You don’t have any sesame oil left in your kitchen, and you need to nutty flavor; you can use peanut oil. This oil gives a nutty kick to your dish and is not so expensive. It also contains many suitable fatty acids, just like sesame oil, so don’t think about your health issues. But use it in limited quantities because this excess nutrition is sometimes not suitable for health.Peanut Oil as substitute for sesame oil
  • Tahini: Sesame paste or powder is mainly known as Tahini. If you don’t have any oil left in your pantry, you make a fine paste of sesame seed in your grinder and use this as a replacement for oil. This powder can easily give your dish a rich, creamy texture, like sesame oil. But don’t fry or cook this. It lost its flavor.Tahini as alternative for sesame oil

These are easy options you can easily find by your side when you take out any sesame oil. You can also use almond oil, clarified butter, flaxseed oil, etc., to substitute this oil. 

Final Overview

Suppose you want a substitute that gives you the exact taste and flavor of sesame oil, then it is not possible. Because no ingredients can replace the other, it gives you a similar taste or flavor for some recipes. So before using replacement, first choose the role of the sesame. If sesame oil is the main ingredient, I suggest sticking to the authentic recipe.

Or, if you want the flavor, then use perilla oil. Most Korean and Chinese cuisine use this oil because it’s a similar nutty flavor to sesame oil. Perilla seeds are also toasted before being pressed. That’s why it is an excellent substitute for toasted sesame oil.


  • Is sesame oil keto-friendly?

Yes. It’s keto-friendly oil. But you have to consume its row, and high heat can destroy its nutrition.

  • Is sesame oil expensive?

Sesame seeds are hand-harvested, so it is tough to grow. And you also get some extraordinary nutrition from them in addition. So it is expensive but worth it.

  • Is it necessary to store the sesame oil in the freezer?

The main thing is that sesame oil is not refined oil. So if you don’t store it at a cool temperature, it can quickly lose its flavor. Only refined oil stays fresh at room temperature. So it is necessary to preserve its taste if you store the fat in the refrigerator.

  • Can I use sesame oil in my body?

Yes. This oil contains antioxidants’ anti-inflammatory properties, which enhance your skin glow. Sesame oil is good for skin and is also perfect for hair. It reduces dandruff and also helps to minimize air fall.

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