What Size Air Fryer Do I Need for a Family of 2, 4, or More?

Are you looking for a top-notch air fryer but don’t know which size is best for you and your family? Look no further, as you’re in the right place. Air fryers have become well-known in recent years, and many households are rushing to have one of these special kitchen appliances.

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Air fryers are offered in different sizes, shapes, and materials. So, if you want to enjoy the benefits of this appliance, it is vital to get the right air fryer that will cook enough food for the entire house and fit perfectly in the kitchen.
Using an air fryer to prepare food is less time-consuming than many other cooking methods, such as using the oven or frying pan. Thanks to the small size of air fryers and their powerful and efficient heating technology. Food can be prepared within a few minutes and with little hassle.

Even though air fryers are exceptional for preparing food faster, picking the right air fryer size is also a big deal. This is because it will determine how much food you can cook and for how many people. Because of this, we decided to help you select the correct size air fryer for your family and cooking needs.What ideal size air fryer do you need

What ideal-size air fryer do you need?

When selecting the proper size air fryer, the first thing to look at is the number of people you intend to cook for. Without much ado, here are the different air fryer sizes for a different number of people: (Tap the image to check the price)

What is the ideal air fryer for one person?

If you live alone and want an air fryer to prepare your meal, a 1qt to 2qt air fryer is the best option. But if you usually have friends around, you should consider getting a bigger air fryer. Additionally, most 1qt air fryers are circular, meaning that they are only suitable for one person.

What is the best air fryer for two people?

A family of 2 is better off with a 2qt to 3qt air fryer. But if you usually have guests, a 4qt to 5qt air fryer will be perfect. This can cook food for up to 4 people. Furthermore, it can cook more food compared to a 2qt air fryer. So I would recommend buying Farberware Air Fryer for a small family.

What is the best air fryer for four people?

If you’re a family of four, a 5qt to 6qt air fryer like PowerXL will be perfect for you. Besides, this is the most popular size air fryer on the market. Apart from cooking enough food, it can also cook different foods. This fryer can hold fries for up to 5 people. What’s more, it can be used to prepare over four medium chicken breasts.

Ideal air fryer for six people

Unlike small families of two to three individuals, a large family of over six requires a large air fryer. So, anything above 6qt is a great deal. A 6qt air fryer will prepare lots of meals for several people. For instance, a 6qt air fryer will cook up to 5-to-6-pound chicken without any issue.

Best air fryer for eight people

If you usually have guests or a huge family, going for a 6qt to 10qt air fryer is the best option. Such large air fryers can cook food for more than eight individuals. Besides, they can cook a whole chicken or even pizza.

What to consider when buying an air fryer?

  • Size and shape – the first thing to consider when looking for the correct size air fryer is to pick the ideal air fryer for the types of food you desire to prepare. For instance, a snack-only air fryer will differ from an air fryer which you intend to cook meals with. Besides, the shape of the air fryer is also vital as it will determine the type and amount of food you can cook. Air fryers with a square shape cook more food than round air fryers of the same size. What’s more, you can even place a pan inside them.air fryer review
  • Counter space – a common mistake that many people make is buying an air fryer without considering how much space they have in the kitchen or how much space the air fryer will take. A good air fryer should be big enough to cook for the entire family and compact enough to fit in the kitchen.
  • The capacity of the air fryer – another vital thing to consider when choosing an air fryer is selecting one with the ideal capacity. Think of the people in your home and what kinds of food you will be cooking in the air fryer. A small air fryer is good for you if you’re just two people. But if you’re a family of four or more people, you will require a bigger air fryer.
  • Controls – when choosing an air fryer, you should also check the type of controls that it comes with. Typically, there are two types of controls; digital and dial controls. Dial controls are more basic and less accurate. They also feature a temperature dial and a timer dial. On the other hand, the digital dial comes with a touch display with a precise timer, temperature readings, and several pre-programmed settings. Note that air fryers with digital controls are easier to use than dial controls.
  • Ease of cleaning – some air fryers are easier to clean, while others are very challenging. Search for an air fryer with a non-stick surface, as they are much easier to clean. Besides, some fryers are dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean.


All in all, picking the right size air fryer is vital as it will help you cook the foods you love and for the people you love. Besides, bigger is always better, as it lets you try out new recipes or get guests. Aside from selecting the proper size, you should also consider the kitchen’s shape, budget, and available space.air frying


Is an air fryer worth it?

It depends. If you love to cook food faster, pre-heat meals, prefer crispy foods, and struggle with overheating kitchens in the summer, the air fryer is for you. However, if you desire to cook battered food or have a large family and have a grill air fryer, oven, and cooktop, you don’t need an air fryer.

Is a 5-qt air fryer big enough?

Yes, a 5qt air fryer is big enough for up to a family of 3 to 4 people. Besides, it can cook around 2 to 3 medium chicken breasts. But if the family is larger than five people, this air fryer won’t be enough for everyone. Besides, if you intend to prepare a whole chicken or pizza, you will require a bigger air fryer.

What is the ideal size air fryer to purchase?

There is nothing like the best-size air fryer, as it all depends on the needs of different users. A small air fryer is a good choice if you want an air fryer for one or two people. A medium-sized air fryer is a perfect option if you want an air fryer for 3 to 4 people. But if you want an air fryer for more than six people, a big air fryer is the best.

What is a good size family air fryer?

A good family air fryer should be between 5 and 8 quartz. Of course, the ideal size will depend on the number of people and the types of food that you intend to cook. Nonetheless, bigger is always better as it allows you to cook different foods and serve more people.

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