PowerXL Air Fryer not heating up: How to fix?

Have you faced any problems with your PowerXL air fryer? Is it not heating up? It is a significant issue, but there are also some smart solutions to this problem. This article will show why your PowerXL air fryer is not heating up and what you should do.

PowerXL is a common name for manufacturers of trustworthy air fryers. Their devices are very good, making crispier and tastier foods on the cooking surface. But an electronic device is always vulnerable to failure. No one can guarantee that it will not become faulty.

So why is the PowerXL air fryer not heating up properly? There are several reliable reasons for this problem; to fix it, you must check your air fryer, identify the issue, and set it properly.

The reason why the PowerXL air fryer is not heating up

In every air fryer, a thermostat must be present. It regulates the heat and helps generate sufficient heat for cooking the specific food. However, if the heating mechanism is faulty, the inner surface of the air fryer cannot be properly heated.

It is very easy to detect a dead thermostat. If you notice that the inside of your air fryer is not hot even though you turned it on, it could be a functional issue. So, you had to replace the damaged thermostat as soon as possible.

Mistake in setting the cooking time

Before starting the cooking process, every user must set up sufficient cooking time. Assume you want to cook a beef recipe for dinner, and you need to give the device a lot of time to cook. On the other hand, cooking snacks or smaller amounts of food takes little time to prepare.

If you place a large amount of food inside the air fryer and press the switch to cooking snacks, it will be a significant mistake. Therefore, the temperature inside the air fryer will be suitable for cooking snacks but unsuitable for cooking beef recipes. Finally, you will wait for several minutes, but you will see that your recipe is incomplete.

Set the air fryer to the appropriate temperature and cooking order.

Low temperature

The temperature is a major necessity for heating up an air fryer inside. This issue is similar to the mistake of setting the cooking time. If you cook a beef recipe, you have to increase the temperature of the air fryer inside. But the small snacks need a lower temperature. The mistake in giving an order to the air fryer will be reliable for applying a lower temperature than necessary, and your food will be incomplete.

Faulty Fan

All electronic devices, including refrigerators, air conditioners, microwave ovens, and air fryers, include an electrical fan for several activities. Significantly, the air fryer’s fan is necessary for circulating the hot air at high speed. So, it should be in a good position every time.

Sometimes, the fan becomes faulty because of an electrical issue. The electrical connection of the connection may be severed or the voltage reduced. As a result, the heating process of the air fryer gets in the way. 

So, you must check the fan when you detect that everything in the air fryer is okay but not working. Finally, you can install a new fan in the air fryer if it is impossible to repair the old one.

The lid was not perfectly closed.

It is a problem that can be solved with your consciousness. When you put the basket inside the air fryer and prepare to start cooking, you must carefully place the lid on the basket properly. If it is not perfectly placed, the food inside the basket will remain incomplete.Mistake in setting

So, be careful about the lid on the basket and fit it tightly before starting the cooking process every time.

Broken lid

The lid of the air fryer basket may be broken by falling from the hand or other types of accidents. So, it cannot keep a sufficient temperature inside the air fryer basket because the temperature gets out through the leaks in the lid.

Moreover, the drawer of your air fryer can also be broken or opened. As a result, the air fryer will be disrupted through the same process. You should not use an air fryer with a broken or damaged lid or drawer for an extended time. If you do that, the warm heat inside the air fryer will go out. Therefore, the air fryer will run for a long time but cannot heat the surface, and finally, the device can be damaged.

Lack of pre-heating

The preheating process is not necessary for all air fryers. It is an optional process. If the chefs want to cook their foods with even heating and give them a proper taste, they heat the air fryer inside for a few minutes before cooking.

However, some specific brands of air fryers suggest preheating their devices before starting to cook. The Ninja air fryer has this issue. Many people think it is a problem, but it is also a good feature because it gives the food more flavor and makes it more delicious.

What should I do when my air fryer is not heating up properly?

You may be disappointed if you purchase a new air fryer and have several issues. But don’t take the air fryer to a mechanic if there is an available warranty with the device. If the warranty is over, here are some tricks you can try to fix it:

  • Set the recommended cooking time.
  • Configure the temperature correctly.
  • Change the faulty fan.
  • Close the lid firmly.
  • Preheat the air fryer before cooking.
  • Change the broken lid.

If the warranty is over, take the air fryer to the distributor or supplier and have it repaired at an extra charge. It is the best process because they know what to do with every part of the damaged air fryer.


The after-sale service of the Power XL company is admirable. Moreover, they manufacture quality products. If any issue is seen on the device, unfortunately, the company is always ready to repair it. Moreover, every user must be careful about the cautions mentioned in the user manual.

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